Training Week of 4/14

Here’s my training from last week…nothing crazy, but definitely progressing nicely. The GW Parkway 10 miler made me more sore than I expected. In the long run it is going to be good as I am going to heal and be stronger than before…



Monday 40 minutes spinning on bike (legs sore!) none
Tuesday 55 minutes running (last 10 minutes barefoot) stability/core routine
Wednesday 50 minutes easy on treadmill 40 minutes easy pushing boys in stroller with Amanda
Thursday none 45 minutes easy on turf fields
Friday Golf Course Road Hill Circuits

-15:00 warm-up

- 8 x Hill Circuits with 4:00 recovery jog in 2:35/2:35/2:31/2:29/2:26/2:24/2:23/2:21 (Circuit consists of :20 hard running in between Skipping/Bounding/Butt Kicks/finishing with last 250+ meters hard up hill and ending with 10 x squat jumps)

Saturday none 1:50 minutes total on roads/trails/turf (all over the place…threw in 2 x mile at 5:45 in the middle of the first hour…rest at 6:10-20…then from 1:20-1:45 I did 8 x 1 lap hard/1 lap moderate around the turf (:57-1:15) (comes out to 4:45-50/mile and 6:10-15/mile)
Sunday 52 minutes easy on turf fields (last 12 minutes barefoot) none

Remember the Tree Hugger 5k is on Sunday at Irvine Nature Center…come on out. Great course/cause! Stick around afterwards for Springfest.

Next Race Will Be

My next race is going to be one that I have done once before….that was last year. I really enjoyed my time at the event and will be back for years to come. Last year I ran my half marathon PR here and completely surprised myself with how good I felt. I ran 1:05:39.

The race is the Frederick Half Marathon.

Corrigan Sports did a wonderful job with the event and I am excited to go back. It is a great place for the kids to hang out afterwards as well.

Training Week of 4/7: Great Week of Training and a Solid Race

Great week of training and a solid race…. This past week I upped my mileage and intensity more than it has been in a long time. I ended up getting in two shorter workouts and a 10 mile race at the George Washington Parkway Classic 10 miler. @runpacers put on a great event. It is definitley something I will be back for in the future!

It was a great weekend for the whole family as well. We stayed in Alexandria Saturday afternoon/night and spent the whole day on Sunday visiting the National Mall, specifically the Natural History Museum and the Air and Space Museum. I’ve posted some pictures below….


Image    Image

Image    Image



George Washington Parkway 10 Miler on Sunday

I’m getting excited for the GW Parkway 10 miler on Sunday! I have not raced since my failed attempt at the Shamrock Marathon. I had been sick with what was later found out to be a sinus infection. After over 7 weeks of being sick I was given antibiotics and felt better within 3 days. The 10 day course or antibiotics was completed last Saturday and ever since that day I have been feeling better each day. 

I really have no clue what to expect as this past Monday was the first workout I actually felt “okay” on since Shamrock. The workout consisted of: 4 x 800 at 2:15-17…4 x 400 at 64-65…2 x 200 in 30/29 (all with 2:00 recovery jog). It felt good to run faster as most of my workouts in the previous several months has been long and at half marathon-marathon pace. 

I want to go out there and run smart, give a good effort and be competitive. As of right now it looks like it’s already going to be in the 60s at race time. That is much warmer than I or anyone else is used to…it will definitely affect how the race is run. 

I ran this race back in 2009 and absolutely loved the course. I’m looking forward to being out there again! 

After the race, me, Amanda, and the boys are spending the day in the Alexandria/DC area. I’m not exactly sure what we are doing yet, but we are excited to be spending such a beautiful day there as a family. It sounds like the cherry blossoms are in full bloom as well! 

Pictures and report coming after the race. 


What Can You Get Done in 40 Minutes?

I’ve become pretty creative when it comes to fitting in harder workouts in shorter periods of time. Today I had only 40 minutes to change, get my workout in and get a really quick shower. The workout went great and consisted of the following:

-5:00 Warm-Up

-2 miles at 5:15-10/mile

-1:00 jog recovery

-2 x 200 in 31/30 with 1:00 jog recovery

-2 miles at 5:08-4:58/mile

-1:00 jog recovery

-2 x 200 in 30/29 with 1:00 jog recovery

-5:00 Cool-Down

What similar workout stores do you have? I would love to hear them. I am always looking for creative ways to get in a short, but meaningful workout.

Fun 5k Trail Race Supporting a Great Organization

On April 27th Irvine Nature Center is hosting the second annual Tree Hugger 5k. I am excited to be a part of the event again this year. The race course will take you on a tour of Irvine’s wonderful trail system. It will be a rolling course through wooded and meadow trails.

The race is the opening activity of their Spring Fest event. It is an Earth Day celebration for the entire family. My family has gone the past 3 years and they always have a great time at the event.

If you are looking for something to do and want to support a great organization you should come out on April 27th!

Hope to see you out there!


Training Week of 3/31

I had what I would call a “solid” week of training last week. It was not incredible, but I did get in 2 quality workouts. I was happy to finish my course of antibiotics on Saturday as I feel they were definitely affecting my training….I noticed a huge difference in the workout I was able to complete today.

This Sunday I am going to run the George Washington Parkway Classic 10 Miler. I have done this race once before and really enjoyed the course. It is very scenic and it’s a great place to test my current fitness. I am not expecting anything really incredible on Sunday with the way things have gone the past few weeks, but I am excited to compete and see where I need to progress my training from here…

I have also decided on a late spring marathon! I will make a post dedicated to that later in the week.


50 minutes easy on turf



Valley Centre (flat pavement)

- 15 minute warm-up

- 20 x 200 meters in :34 with :35-:40 recovery jog/walk (100 meters)

- 10 minute cool-down

short weight/stability session


50 minutes on turf fields

45 minutes easy on turf fields (last 10:00 barefoot)


50 minutes easy on turf (last 10:00 barefoot)



Golf Course Road

- 15 minutes warm-up

- 2 x Hill Circuit (2:41/2:36) (:20 running…:15 skipping…:20 running…:15 bounding…:20 running…:15 butt kicks…Running Hard to top of hill…10 x Squat Jumps)

- 10 minutes moderate-hard on golf course

- 2 x Hill Circuit (2:33/2:27)

- 5:00 hard (2:00 recovery)

- 5:00 hard (2:00 recovery)

-2 x :30 HARD on road (1:00 recovery)

- 10 minute cool-down

short weight/stability session


85 minutes easy on trails



50 minutes easy on golf course