Long Overdue Baltimore Marathon/Injury Report

I know it has been a LONG time since the Baltimore Marathon, but here is an update of what happened during the race and my hip injury…

For those of you that do not know, leading up to the Baltimore Marathon I ended up having what I thought to be a small issue with my left hip. I had stepped in a hole while running in a field with high grass and felt a familiar pain in my left hip the next day. Normally this pain comes when slipping on mud or ice and will go away if I take a week or two of no running. Taking a break from running was not going to happen this time as the the Baltimore Marathon was less than 1 month away. I had a goal of not only trying to win again, but to represent the people of Baltimore and everyone else who believed/supported me. Leading up to the race I ended up limping through runs…running a 1:10 half marathon at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon (which I probably should have not run…) and then taking off a few days to see if my hip would feel better. Unfortunately my hip was hurting to a point where I was limping even when walking. I kept my head up and remained positive through the whole experience and really thought I could go and run under 2:30 and win Baltimore again. Well….that did not happen. My hip hurt from the first step of the race and got progressively worse as the race continued. By the 6 mile mark I was already starting to wonder if I was going to finish the race. I kept pushing…hoping that the pain would eventually subside (normally as I get warmed up it would go away), but this time the pain stuck around and was getting worse with every step. I ended up stopping at right around the halfway mark of the race. I immediately sat down on the curb in tears as I really thought I would have been able to make it, but it was not happening. A few different people and my family (who were at the halfway mark) came over to see if I was okay. Two different people told me to keep my head up and that I was still their hero. Hearing those words and having my family with me definitely helped. I know it was only a race, but I did feel like I was letting a number of people down.

Immediately after stopping I quickly realized the severity of my hip pain. (I guess the running motion and endorphins kept my body from truly realizing how bad the injury had gotten.) I stood up from sitting on the curb and could not even take a step on my left leg without my whole left side giving out. Thankfully my family was there (specifically my wife (Amanda) to help me hobble to the other side of the road and sit on the curb while race officials sent for medical personnel. Eventually I was picked up by medics in a gator and was transported to the medical tent where I was fortunate to have some great sports medicine doctors waiting to examine me (specifically Dr. Matt Sedgley). He told me they were watching me on the big screen tv in the medical tent and could tell that both my form was getting worse and my limping more pronounced and it was just a matter of time before they saw me. They examined me and told me they wanted me to go to the emergency room to get an x-ray after leaving the race and to get an MRI within the next couple days as well. I am fortunate to be working at Stevenson University and have access not only to Dr. Matt Sedgley, but also Dr. Kenneth Tepper who is an orthopedist who has a lot of experience with hips. Both doctors work with our student athletes and are great to work with. After being examined I was pushed by wheel chair to the Under Armour tent where my family and I were able to get some food and drinks. It was a great experience and I am fortunate to be affiliated with Under Armour. Here is a picture of some of the Under Armour elite runners that were there for the weekend:

ua athletes

After leaving the the Under Armour tent and getting a ride to our car by a police officer in a gator (glad they offered as it would have taken forever to get to the car on one foot…the medical staff were not allowed to give out crutches) we went to Union Memorial Hospital where they did x-rays of my hip/low back. Fortunately the x-rays came back negative…having no actual breaks seemed like good news, but I still could not put any weight on my left leg. The next step was an MRI and I was able to get an appointment the next evening…

The day after getting the MRI I received a phone call from Dr. Sedgley. The first words out of his mouth were, “I have no clue how you were able to run on what I am looking at right now…you must have an extremely high pain tolerance.” The diagnosis was a stress fracture in the femoral neck along with a small labral tear. He went on to tell me that had I tried to finish the race I would have risked a complete fracture and never running at the same level again. Apparently breaking your femur is not fun as it would require both bone grafts and a metal rod. I am glad that I stopped!

After 6 weeks on crutches and a ton of time on the stationary bike along with rehabilitating exercises I am slowly building my running back up to where it was before the injury. I can finally say that I am at a point where I can do some harder workouts and long runs without feeling my hip too much either during or the next day.

Here are a couple of interviews from before and after the race:

Before: http://www.wbaltv.com/sports/homegrown-baltimore-marathon-winner-looks-for-repeat/29099222

Me After: http://www.wbaltv.com/sports/dave-berdan-talks-hip-injury-withdraw-from-marathon/29211300

Brian Rosenberg Interview after the race (Brian is a good friend and I am glad he was able to win the race!): http://www.wbaltv.com/sports/marathon-winner-talks-big-win-berdans-injury/29211112

Once again the staff of Corrigan Sports and the Baltimore Marathon did a wonderful job with the event. I will definitely be back again and would recommend the event to anyone!

I want to thank Under Armour for the continued support. They have been great and I can assure everyone that they have everything “right”. Their current and new shoes are incredible. If you have not tried out the new Gemini’s or the Speedform RC / Apollo vent shoes I would encourage you to do so!

I also want to thank Kind for their support on the nutrition side. Not only is their products tasty, but they are extremely healthy! They also do a great job of being involved within the community…making the world a little kinder!


Training Again

I know it has been a really long time since my last update and I will make a detailed one this week, but I am finally back to a point that I would call what I am doing “training”.

My hip is probably around 85%, but I have been able to get in one or two harder workouts and a medium long each week.

I will post an update this week.

As for racing…I will be running the Maryland Club Challenge 10 miler this weekend for my friend Phil Langs Bullseye Running team. I will definitely feel out my hip as I have not run hard for 10 miles yet. I will also have to be cautious with the weather as one slip on ice/snow and I will lose any progress I have made with my hip.

More later….

Baltimore Marathon

The Baltimore Marathon is on Saturday! I apologize for not posting in a while, but I have been extremely busy with my new job as the head cross country coach at Stevenson University. Training had been going extremely well up until about 3 weeks ago when my left hip/glute area started bothering me. As with a number of my other injuries it was something minimal that turned out to be much more. In the past it it happened after slipping on ice or mud. This time it happened by stepping in a hole while running in a field with high grass. I am not sure of the exact mechanism of the injury, but I feel like it is a strain to my rectus femoris origin up by my hip/groin area and/or my psoas. I feel like something is contracted in defense and won’t let go…not sure if that makes sense. Anyway it causes a misalignment of my pelvis and a number of issues come up.

With all of that being said I am still running the marathon on Saturday. It was never a thought of mine not to do the race. It is such a great event with such wonderful people. I have been able to get some strong NSAIDs and with the help of them and some adrenaline/endorphins I feel like I will be ready to go for the race.

Also, here is an interview done by Kate Amara from WBAL:


I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the race!


Training from Week of 9/1

With the exception of Monday’s workout this week was a down week. I am finally starting to feel fit and am excited to see the consistent high miles pay off later this fall. I posted this already, but I am excited to be running the Baltimore Marathon again on October 18th. Before that I will run the Race for our Kids and the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon.


Monday 16 miles total on Hilly Roads

11 miles at 5:45–>5:20 in middle

8 miles total

6 x 1:00 hills (Lochinvar) with 2:00 recovery

2 x :30 HARD on grass fields

Tuesday 8 miles total with team

(Ran 2 x 1.5 miles and 1 mile at 6:00/mile with athletes during their workout)

Jay Johnson: Cannonball Routine
Wednesday 7 miles easy with team Jay Johnson: Grant Green Routine
Thursday 6 miles at Under Armour Brand House Harbor Easy (UA Run Club…come run at 6:30 am!) 9 miles total

3 sets of 1 mile/3 x :12 hill sprints (2:00 between everything) Mile Splits of 5:02/4:47/4:46 (Rolling pavement)

Friday 9 miles easy on flat grass fields (65 minutes) none
Saturday 8 miles total at McDaniel Green Terror Challenge XC

-5k XC with top guys 5:52/11:52/19:20

-3k XC HARD 1st in 9:44

(Extremely Hot Today!)

(Super excited that the women won both the individual and team title in the 3k!! #gostangs )

General Strength
Sunday 13 miles easy at Soldiers Delight General Strength

Update: Counting Miles Again….

Most of you know that I had stopped counting weekly mileage. It was too easy to get caught up in the totals and when thre are plenty of times where something comes up and I can not get something in…due to a ton of outside responsibilities. I still believe this may be the right way to go as it is easy to get caught up in weekly totals, but I know people like to see weekly totals.

Anyway…I am going to count again now, but realize I am not in control of missing a day or a second run at any time.

With that being said my last 3 weeks have been:


Next week will be a lower week volume wise, but it will still have two solid workouts (one of which is a Renato Canova Special Block)

Workouts over those past 3 weeks were:

Week 1:

-90 mins moderate (hilly roads)
-12 x 3:00/1:00 easy (1/2 marathon to 15k effort)
-50 minute hard tempo (hilly roads)

Week 2:

-24 x 200 @ :33-:34 with :40 recovery
– 3 x 8:30 hill circuit with :45 running hard alternated with skipping/bounding/high knee-butt kicks/5 x squat jumps

Week 3:

-50 minute hard/hilly tempo (hilly roads)
– 5 x 5:00 HARD (hilly roads) /3:00 recovery

I promise to post some more specific workouts/training in the future. I need to do a better job of keeping track.

Training from 8/4-8/10 (in Bald Head Island)

Here is my training from last week. Nothing too crazy. I kept my runs/workouts to less than 1 hour a day, but added more intensity.




Dirt Road (Bald Head Island…rolling—>flat)

– 10 minute warm-up

– 6 x 5:00 w/3:00 recovery

– 5:00 cool-down




52 minutes pushing Colin in stroller while Amanda and Evan rode bikes


Dirt Road (Flat–>rolling)

– 5 minute warm-up

– 40 minute tempo

– 3:00 recovery

– 4 x :30 HARD with 2:00 recovery

– 5 minute cool-down



45 minutes with Evan riding his bike



Dirt Road (flat—>rolling)

– 7 minue warm-up

– 16 x 1:10 hard/1:50 easy

– 6 minute cool-down

30 minutes pushing Colin in stroller while Amanda and Evan rode bikes



25 minutes with Evan riding his bike (several surges of 1:00-1:30)




Training Update…plus exciting news

Here’s a training update from the past 2 weeks. I know I need to do a better job of keeping it updated and I will as it is getting closer and closer to all of the fall marathons… I am looking at focusing on at least one fall marathon, but possibly two. I will know for sure in the next couple of weeks.

Also, I am looking at posting an exciting new announcement some time over the next week… Keep on training and feel free to ask any questions you may have about anything…


1:45 easy at Soldiers Delight…pushed up some hills the last 15 minutes

Jay Johnson–Grant Green Routine


60 minutes easy on grass fields

35 minutes total with 8 x :18 striders

Jay Johnson Core X Routine


Jemicy Field

-25 minute warm-up

-10 x 1 lap hard (1:13–>1:12)/1 lap easy (2:00)

Jay Johnson–SV Leg Circuit

– 14 minute cool-down

Jay Johnson–Grant Green Routine


62 minutes easy on grass fields

50 minutes easy on grass fields


1:32 easy at Soldiers Delight…  


GFS Athletic Fields

– 22 minute warm-up

– 8 x 5:00 moderate–>hard with 2:00 recovery

– 10 minute cool-down

-Jay Johnson SV Leg Circuit



55 minutes easy on grass  




1:52 easy at Soldiers Delight

58 minutes easy on roads/grass fields






Jemicy Field (Grass)

– 25 minute warm-up

– 22 x :30 Hard/:40 easy

– 15 minute cool-down


92 minutes on rolling roads

51 minutes on roads/grass fields


1:52 at Soldiers Delight

Tried out the new Under Armour Speedform XC Trail shoes…they worked great on the technical trails.




OFF (packed and had to get ready for vacation at Bald Head Island!!!)


OFF (Driving to Bald Head Island)

32 minutes total on dirt road on Bald Head Island with several variations every ~2:00 of :30-1:30