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Workout Adjusted—Why?

Today, like a number of times before I had to adjust or cancel my planned workout. Today’s reason was the weather, but there have been several other factors in the past (not feeling well…Amanda had to work….too tired….Evan or Colin was sick…etc) In the past I would always try to follow a schedule as closely as possible and would get stressed if it didn’t go the way I wanted. This often led to injuries or just being mentally exhausted from worrying that I wasn’t following what I had planned. Now it’s almost humorous when I think back to the way I used to be. Being more relaxed and not stressing about every detail has allowed me to really enjoy running! Another factor that I would focus on too much was weekly mileage. I don’t even count weekly miles anymore. With that being said I do think back to what I did yesterday/2 days before/a week before/etc… and consider about how much I should be doing that day, but I don’t stress about it. If I only end up having 40 minutes to run then that’s what I’ll do….it’s really not that big of a deal!

Now, back to today….ice caused me to do the workout on the treadmill.

Planned: am (5:30): (Valley Centre Parking Lot) 20  minute warm-up—–6 miles at 5:25->5:15/mile—–20 minute cool-down  / pm: 10:00 warm-up—-20 x diagonals on turf field—10:00 cool-down

Actual: am (7:30 (2 hour delay!): (Treadmill) 30 minute warm-up (at 9 mph)—-30 minutes continuous uphill at 10 mph (as fast as it goes) as 10:00 at 2.5%—10:00 at 3%—10:00 at 3.5%—-15 minute cool-down (at 9–>8 mph)  pm: nothing—> not going to have time to get in another run between teaching, meeting with someone from Irvine Nature Center (Evan’s preschool) about a 5k race they are going to put on April 21st (mark your calendars…more information to come), dinner, and proctoring study hall from 7:30-9. I could go out at 9:00, but I like to spend that time with Amanda.

I did really want to get in some quicker stuff today as I feel it really helps me, but it’s not going to work out. Another adjustment!….I’m going to do 15 x :20 hard over the last half hour of my 90 minute run Wednesday morning.

Don’t be a slave to a schedule. Listen to your body and the other factors that you can not control….it’s okay to make changes!


Training from the past week….

Training Week of 1/21:

Solid week of training…great longer marathon workout on Wednesday (totaling 20 miles) and a solid longer run on Saturday. The longer run on Saturday was not long enough to be marathon specific, but it was a great aerobic workout overall. I feel like these are the runs that I have been lacking over the years and really want to continue to make them a staple…..

Sunday: 30 minute jog around athletic fields

Saturday: (T. Rowe Price Loop) 14 miles total with middle 10 miles at 5:48-5:43-5:39-5:35-5:33-5:33-5:32-5:29-5:23-5:12 (pushed last minute)

Friday: Lunch: 40 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School. Pm: 15 minute jog—-short weight session—-15 minute jog

Thursday: Lunch: 40 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School. Pm: 40 minutes on spinning bike.

Wednesday: (Valley Centre Parking Lot Loop) (22 minute warm-up/30 minute cool-down)  8 loops/6 loops/4 loops/2 loops with 2 loop recovery (2 loop splits—(4:51/4:50/4:47/4:46)–(5:37)–(4:38/4:39/4:39)–(5:46)–(4:33/4:34)–(5:58)–(4:24)  (Still have not measured the loop, but I like the fact that it is flat and I will be running a flat marathon in March)

Tuesday: 60 minutes on turf at Garrison Forest School. 12 x straightaway hard…starting at 12:00 I ran a straightaway hard every 4:00.

Monday: 50 minutes easy on Greenspring Valley Hunt Club golf course. 3 x :20 hard over last mile to get legs turning over.

Longer Marathon Workout

Today’s workout was a long/hard one. I did the workout on my workout loop over at Valley Centre. The workout consisted of 8 laps/6 laps/4 laps/2 laps with 2 laps recovery. While the loop I ran it on is not a half mile the workout is similar to doing 4/3/2/1 miles with 1 mile recovery. Obviously it’s not that far and I have not measured the loop yet, but I’m thinking it may be around 725 meters. This is shorter than I had earlier thought, but the improvement I have had from week to week is too much for the loop to be 750 meters or more. With all of that being said I also feel like it’s the effort that matters. I also like the fact that the loop is flat. It is hard for me to find flat loops around my house. You may even see me doing harder long runs on this flat loop….tedious, but necessary. It was extremely cold and windy…wind chill of close to 0.

Details: (22 minute warm-up/30 minute cool-down)  8 loops/6 loops/4 loops/2 loops with 2 loop recovery (2 loop splits—(4:51/4:50/4:47/4:46)–(5:37)–(4:38/4:39/4:39)–(5:46)–(4:33/4:34)–(5:58)–(4:24)   (I tried to keep the recovery honest as well…probably low-mid 6:00s/mile

I was happy with the workout. The pace got faster on each segment and I was pretty spent by the end. With warm-up and cool-down I believe I got in around 20 miles total today. I feel like getting in this distance is important as I haven’t been doing “real” marathon long runs each week.

Today’s Workout (Canova Style)

I’m a big fan/follower of Renato Canova’s marathon training philosophy. Unfortunately I can’t do it all as I would never recover with the other stressers in my life. Today’s workout is one that he mentions as a way to reduce the difference between Aerobic Threshold and Anaerobic Threshold. He typically has his runners alternate 1000s, but I have done it in the past using 800s. Today I did the workout at the Valley Centre parking lot as it is a flat loop on pavement that I estimate to be a little over 750 meters (still have to measure). I really feel like workouts like this will help me a lot, but I have not done them consistently. I did it once 10 days before Baltimore 2011 on the track alternating 800s in 2:28/2:50-52. I plan on doing it 2 more times before Shamrock

Details: (3 mile warm-up/2 mile cool-down) 20 loops alternating 2:18-2:20 with 2:35-2:40. I felt really strong the whole time. My knee has definitely still been a concern. It does not feel right and it is definitely swollen. It’s different from other injuries as the swelling just feels like pressure within the whole entire joint and it loosens up as I run.

It’s crazy to think that exactly 2 weeks ago I struggled to run 2:30/lap for my workout. I ran the last single lap in that workout HARD in 2:16. Today my last 2 hard laps were 2:17 and 2:15.

I’m hoping this knee issue goes away on it’s own and I can stay healthy from here on out. I plan on doing the same workout 2 more times…maybe in 3 and 6 weeks. One change I will make is next time I will do 24 laps and the last time 28.

Keep running,



Monday I did 16 x 200 with 100 recovery in :35-:40 seconds. I ran the 200s at 33-34….not incredibly fast, but it was the short recovery that made it a decent workout. I had planned on getting in 20, but I need to be careful with my knee. I still felt my knee, but it almost feels like it’s swollen and has fluid in it. I’m not sure what I did, but I really feel like I stepped off a curb wrong or stepped in a hole while running. The good news is that it felt better after the workout…and felt even better as the day went on. This morning it is still tight, but nowhere near as bad as it was….I really think this is something that is just going to go away on its own.

Why 200s?…there are a couple reasons why.  One, I never really do them and at this point in my career I need new stimuli. Two, I have done them a couple times over the past 2 years and it always seems to make racing and workouts at slower paces feel much much easier. I remember 2 years ago I didn’t think I was in that great of shape, but over 3 weeks I did 3 shorter workouts and ended up running 29:30 for 10k on the roads and 4:45s just felt like I was cruising. The workouts I did were 20 x 100, 12 x 200 and 25 x 100. I really want to make these shorter nueromuscular workouts a regular part of my training. Even if it’s only once every 2-3 weeks.

Another interesting fact that I have come across is that by doing the 200s at ~3k-5k effort (and even 100s, 150s, 300s, or 400s) and keeping the recovery short it makes it into a lactate threshold workout. I found this interesting as it is different from the idea of LT workouts being the traditional tempo run or cruise intervals. Apparently this was a weekly workout for Portuguese runners like Antonio Pinto, Carlos Lopes and Fernando Mamede. Coach Antonio Cabral has wrote a ton about the topic on




Solid Long Run…New Injury Issue

I know I said I would get this up earlier, but on Saturday I completed a solid long run of 152 minutes. I believe it to be somewhere in between 23 and 24 miles. I was up and out the door by 5:10 as Amanda was on all for work and wouldn’t know if she had to go in or not until early that morning. Since it was so dark out I kept my run on roads/sidewalks and went out and back in several different areas. I was able to check pace every once in a while and it was always between 6:15-6:25. I felt really good and relaxed throughout the whole run. I ended up running 1:00 hard at 120, 128, 136 and 144 minutes. I like to do some hard running over the end of runs this long as it teaches my body to run fast when tired and makes sure my fast twitch muscle fibers are able to be called upon that late into a run. With how bad I felt last week I was pretty surprised how well this run went. I was definitely sick last week.

On Thursday I began noticing that my left knee didn’t feel right. It is definitely a pain that I have felt before, but it is not like normal knee injuries. The knee feels unstable…almost like it can buckle at any time. I also feel like there is swelling throughout the whole knee, but more so on the lateral side. It is definitely not ITBS, but I do feel like my IT band is fairly tight. In the past I have had this feeling after arthroscopic surgeries in both knees and a couple other occasions… always went away on it’s own. So…..I decided to do the long run with it bothering me, but it loosened up as the run went on. I felt the knee more after the run and on Sunday I only did an easy 30 minute run pushing the boys in the double stroller with Amanda.