Next Marathon is….Shamrock Marathon (VA Beach)

My next big race is going to be the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach. I have been to their race several times, but have never run the marathon. I have finished 5th in the 8k and 3rd in the half marathon in the past. They have been great and always take good care of me.

The next 9-10 weeks are going to be important. I have to stay healthy and get in shape somewhat quickly…

P.S. This is actually going to be only my 5th marathon. I guess you can say I’m young when it comes to marathon experience.



1 thought on “Next Marathon is….Shamrock Marathon (VA Beach)

  1. Chattin

    Dave, I hear Shamrock is magical every 25 years. Best of luck in your buildup and race. Crush it man! -Chattin 2:17:01 ’88 Shamrock (my 5th marathon too)


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