Today’s Workout

Wow! What a difference 6 days can make… I did my workout today on the same loop I did my workout on last Thursday and the times were much better. I definitely think I was sick last week, but I also started taking iron supplements again and I think they are starting to kick in after a week.

I was out the door by 5:15 as I don’t have time during the day to get in longer ones. Again, I did the workout on a loop that is not measured so I didn’t get discouraged by times. Here’s how it went:

(Valley Centre Parking Lot Loop) 8 x 2 loops with 1:00 recovery. (4:54/4:53/4:54/4:52/4:52/4:47/4:43/4:33 (last lap in 2:13)) I would say that I ran the workout at around 15k effort

Compared to last Thursday:

(Valley Centre Parking Lot Loop) 5 loops hard/4 x :25 hills/3 loops hard/2 x :25 hills/1 loop hard/1 x :25 hill   Splits: (2:28/2:28/2:29/2:30/2:27) (2:27//2:26/2:24) (2:16)  

Last weeks workout felt MUCH MUCH harder and I could only manage a 2:16 on the last one and I ran it HARD. Today I ran 2:13 for the last lap of the last rep and I did not push very hard. Hoping this is a good sign….

Next week I’ll get back to doing workouts on measured courses.




4 thoughts on “Today’s Workout

  1. daveberdan Post author

    Hey Bill:
    I take Feosol…the ferrous sulfate ones (green triangle). I have had issues with iron since becoming anemic in college. Apparently it has turned into something that never really goes away completely. I would be careful dosing yourself though…..even starting with one pill at night before bed can make a difference.


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