Solid Long Run…New Injury Issue

I know I said I would get this up earlier, but on Saturday I completed a solid long run of 152 minutes. I believe it to be somewhere in between 23 and 24 miles. I was up and out the door by 5:10 as Amanda was on all for work and wouldn’t know if she had to go in or not until early that morning. Since it was so dark out I kept my run on roads/sidewalks and went out and back in several different areas. I was able to check pace every once in a while and it was always between 6:15-6:25. I felt really good and relaxed throughout the whole run. I ended up running 1:00 hard at 120, 128, 136 and 144 minutes. I like to do some hard running over the end of runs this long as it teaches my body to run fast when tired and makes sure my fast twitch muscle fibers are able to be called upon that late into a run. With how bad I felt last week I was pretty surprised how well this run went. I was definitely sick last week.

On Thursday I began noticing that my left knee didn’t feel right. It is definitely a pain that I have felt before, but it is not like normal knee injuries. The knee feels unstable…almost like it can buckle at any time. I also feel like there is swelling throughout the whole knee, but more so on the lateral side. It is definitely not ITBS, but I do feel like my IT band is fairly tight. In the past I have had this feeling after arthroscopic surgeries in both knees and a couple other occasions… always went away on it’s own. So…..I decided to do the long run with it bothering me, but it loosened up as the run went on. I felt the knee more after the run and on Sunday I only did an easy 30 minute run pushing the boys in the double stroller with Amanda.


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