Today’s Workout (Canova Style)

I’m a big fan/follower of Renato Canova’s marathon training philosophy. Unfortunately I can’t do it all as I would never recover with the other stressers in my life. Today’s workout is one that he mentions as a way to reduce the difference between Aerobic Threshold and Anaerobic Threshold. He typically has his runners alternate 1000s, but I have done it in the past using 800s. Today I did the workout at the Valley Centre parking lot as it is a flat loop on pavement that I estimate to be a little over 750 meters (still have to measure). I really feel like workouts like this will help me a lot, but I have not done them consistently. I did it once 10 days before Baltimore 2011 on the track alternating 800s in 2:28/2:50-52. I plan on doing it 2 more times before Shamrock

Details: (3 mile warm-up/2 mile cool-down) 20 loops alternating 2:18-2:20 with 2:35-2:40. I felt really strong the whole time. My knee has definitely still been a concern. It does not feel right and it is definitely swollen. It’s different from other injuries as the swelling just feels like pressure within the whole entire joint and it loosens up as I run.

It’s crazy to think that exactly 2 weeks ago I struggled to run 2:30/lap for my workout. I ran the last single lap in that workout HARD in 2:16. Today my last 2 hard laps were 2:17 and 2:15.

I’m hoping this knee issue goes away on it’s own and I can stay healthy from here on out. I plan on doing the same workout 2 more times…maybe in 3 and 6 weeks. One change I will make is next time I will do 24 laps and the last time 28.

Keep running,



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