Longer Marathon Workout

Today’s workout was a long/hard one. I did the workout on my workout loop over at Valley Centre. The workout consisted of 8 laps/6 laps/4 laps/2 laps with 2 laps recovery. While the loop I ran it on is not a half mile the workout is similar to doing 4/3/2/1 miles with 1 mile recovery. Obviously it’s not that far and I have not measured the loop yet, but I’m thinking it may be around 725 meters. This is shorter than I had earlier thought, but the improvement I have had from week to week is too much for the loop to be 750 meters or more. With all of that being said I also feel like it’s the effort that matters. I also like the fact that the loop is flat. It is hard for me to find flat loops around my house. You may even see me doing harder long runs on this flat loop….tedious, but necessary. It was extremely cold and windy…wind chill of close to 0.

Details: (22 minute warm-up/30 minute cool-down)  8 loops/6 loops/4 loops/2 loops with 2 loop recovery (2 loop splits—(4:51/4:50/4:47/4:46)–(5:37)–(4:38/4:39/4:39)–(5:46)–(4:33/4:34)–(5:58)–(4:24)   (I tried to keep the recovery honest as well…probably low-mid 6:00s/mile

I was happy with the workout. The pace got faster on each segment and I was pretty spent by the end. With warm-up and cool-down I believe I got in around 20 miles total today. I feel like getting in this distance is important as I haven’t been doing “real” marathon long runs each week.


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