Workout Adjusted—Why?

Today, like a number of times before I had to adjust or cancel my planned workout. Today’s reason was the weather, but there have been several other factors in the past (not feeling well…Amanda had to work….too tired….Evan or Colin was sick…etc) In the past I would always try to follow a schedule as closely as possible and would get stressed if it didn’t go the way I wanted. This often led to injuries or just being mentally exhausted from worrying that I wasn’t following what I had planned. Now it’s almost humorous when I think back to the way I used to be. Being more relaxed and not stressing about every detail has allowed me to really enjoy running! Another factor that I would focus on too much was weekly mileage. I don’t even count weekly miles anymore. With that being said I do think back to what I did yesterday/2 days before/a week before/etc… and consider about how much I should be doing that day, but I don’t stress about it. If I only end up having 40 minutes to run then that’s what I’ll do….it’s really not that big of a deal!

Now, back to today….ice caused me to do the workout on the treadmill.

Planned: am (5:30): (Valley Centre Parking Lot) 20  minute warm-up—–6 miles at 5:25->5:15/mile—–20 minute cool-down  / pm: 10:00 warm-up—-20 x diagonals on turf field—10:00 cool-down

Actual: am (7:30 (2 hour delay!): (Treadmill) 30 minute warm-up (at 9 mph)—-30 minutes continuous uphill at 10 mph (as fast as it goes) as 10:00 at 2.5%—10:00 at 3%—10:00 at 3.5%—-15 minute cool-down (at 9–>8 mph)  pm: nothing—> not going to have time to get in another run between teaching, meeting with someone from Irvine Nature Center (Evan’s preschool) about a 5k race they are going to put on April 21st (mark your calendars…more information to come), dinner, and proctoring study hall from 7:30-9. I could go out at 9:00, but I like to spend that time with Amanda.

I did really want to get in some quicker stuff today as I feel it really helps me, but it’s not going to work out. Another adjustment!….I’m going to do 15 x :20 hard over the last half hour of my 90 minute run Wednesday morning.

Don’t be a slave to a schedule. Listen to your body and the other factors that you can not control….it’s okay to make changes!


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