Marathon + on Treadmill

A number of you already saw my post on Facebook, but this morning I ran 29 miles total on the treadmill with 26.2 of it at 2:37:20.

Another workout that had to be changed….this time due to the weather. My original plan was to get in around 24 miles total with 20 of it at 5:45—>5:30. I had to make some adjustments for the treadmill as it doesn’t go faster than 10 mph. Due to the fact that I slowed it down I made it longer….

Details: (Treadmill (due to ice/snow)) (29 Miles) 2 mile warm-up—–26.2 miles in 2:37:20 (10 mph—.5% grade)  (last 10:00 increasing incline every 2:00—2%,2.5%,3%,3.5% and 4%)—-.8 cool-down

The overall pace of the marathon section was 85% of what I want to run at Shamrock in 6 weeks. I will not run this long again before the race, but I will do a harder 20-22 miler in 2 weeks. Some people see running this distance in training a little crazy, but it’s actually quite common. A number of the current American’s use it….McMillan’s athletes definitely do it. Most, if not all of the top Kenyan and Ethiopian runners do it (especially Canova…his athletes actually go farther and at a higher percentage of marathon pace (and it’s at altitude)). It was also common in the past. I have read stories of Kenny Moore and Steve Spence doing 30 mile runs at well under 6:00/mile pace. Heck, I even remember reading something about Kenny Moore doing up to 35 miles and sometimes doing a 30 mile run and then running another 4-6 at his marathon pace. Anyway….enough justifying it…. I’m going to take it ridiculously easy for a few days….

I’m still waiting for a breakthrough at the marathon distance and I hope today (along with the past 5 and coming 6 weeks) get me to that point!


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