Solid Marathon Specific Workout

I had a solid (but not great) marathon specific workout today. I did it on the parking lot loop at Valley Centre. I did 10 loops–8 loops–6 loops–4 loops–2 loops all with 2 loops moderate recovery. Again, I don’t know the exact distance of the loop, but can compare it to previous workouts. A few weeks ago I did 8 loops–6 loops–4 loops–2 loops…the details are posted below. You will see that this time I didn’t run as fast, but it was somewhat expected. Though the recoveries were kept more honest this time…I wasn’t worried about getting much faster than marathon pace/effort this time around. Keeping the recovery moderate was more important. I’m still tired from the 29 miles total with a marathon in 2:37:20 on the treadmill last Sunday. It was also extremely windy and cold this morning. I was out the door by 5:30 and it actually got more windy/cold as the workout went on until just after 7:30. I had thought about adjusting, but I actually started feeling better after the 10 loops were done.

Details: (22-23 miles total) 21 minute warm-up / 10 loops–8 loops–6 loops–4 loops–2 loops with 2 loop moderate recovery. (2 loop splits: (4:55-4:52-4:52-4:51-4:51) (5:41) (4:48/4:47/4:46/4:44) (5:35) (4:43/4:43/4:41) (5:42) (4:41/4:40) (5:39) (4:35)) 12 minute cool-down

Previous workout—Wednesday 1/23: (Valley Centre Parking Lot Loop) (22 minute warm-up/30 minute cool-down)  8 loops/6 loops/4 loops/2 loops with 2 loop recovery (2 loop splits—(4:51/4:50/4:47/4:46)–(5:37)–(4:38/4:39/4:39)–(5:46)–(4:33/4:34)–(5:58)–(4:24)

5 weeks to go………


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