Great Workout Today

Wow! I wasn’t expecting today’s workout to go as well as it did. I felt really tired on Saturday and I’ve been extra sore lately. I ended up doing 6 x 2 loops around Valley Centre parking lot with :55-1:05 recovery (2:00 to change into flats for the last 2). I had planned/thought about doing 8, but I cut it short due to the fact that my legs have been fairly sore (I definitely could have done 8…possibly 10)….this is why I say I wasn’t expecting it! I ran by far the fastest I ever have on this loop…almost for every 2 loop repetition and I only had a minute rest! I will compare to a workout of 8 x 2 loops that I did on 1/9. Amazing what a month can do!…I have to keep that in mind with a little over a month to go until the Shamrock Marathon! Also, I have measured the loop at Valley Centre several times on MapMyRun and it always comes out between 715-720 meters. Lets call it 715 meters to be safe…not an easy number to determine actual pace off of….looks like I’ll be using the pace calculator at Coolrunning often! Why do I run this loop….?

Details: 36 minute warm-up……6 x 2 loops with 1:00 recovery (Valley Centre) with :55-1:05 recovery jog….14 minute cool-down   (2 loop splits (actual pace in () ): 4:26 (4:59) – 4:25 (4:58) – 4:25 (4:58) – 4:23 (4:55) – 4:19 (4:50) – 4:15 (4:45))

1/9—Wednesday:  (Valley Centre Parking Lot Loop) 8 x 2 loops with 1:00 recovery. (4:54/4:53/4:54/4:52/4:52/4:47/4:43/4:33 (last lap in 2:13)) I would say that I ran the workout at around 15k effort. Big jump from last Thursday’s workout on the same loop.


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