Workout Adjustment Again…Listening to My Body

Another workout adjusted…I would say that this happens almost 50% of the time. My alarm went off at 5:05 and I almost didn’t even get out of bed…I felt extremely tired. Knowing that I would not have more than 50 minutes later in the day to run forced me out of bed. I went about my normal pre-workout routine of foam rolling and Jay Johnson’s Hip Myrtle Routine (something I have slacked on and I feel could have led to my current low back issues). Running did not great..I immediately began thinking about whether I wanted to do the workout or not. After heading over to my loop at Valley Centre and seeing that several parts of it were ice I decided to hold off until tomorrow. I decided to go out and do a longer easy run. Of course about 40 minutes into that run I started to feel pretty good, but it was too late to go back and do the workout. I decided to make today a higher volume day over 2 runs…80 minutes this morning and another 50 minutes over lunch.

What was the planned workout? I had planned on doing: 20 minute warm-up…5 miles at 5:20/mile…1 mile easy…5 miles at 5:15/mile…15-20 minute cool-down. Now this workout will have to be changed when I do it tomorrow as well. I am running a hilly 10 mile race on Sunday (Maryland RRCA Club Challenge (running for Falls Road Running)) and had counted on 3 recovery days in between the two workouts. Since I will now only have 2 days between sessions I will cut the 5 mile segments to 4 miles (well..not quite 4 miles…8 loops of Valley Centre (715 meters/loop) tomorrow.

Check back tomorrow to see how the workout went….


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