Great Workout Today

Wow…great workout today. I’m glad I gave it a day and didn’t do it yesterday. I felt so good that is was hard to hold myself back. My legs/body didn’t feel incredible (legs sore and a little heavy), but aerobically I felt like I was just cruising! I ran the workout on the loop at Valley Centre (715 meters) and did 8 loops/2 loops recovery/8 loops.

Details: (Valley Centre (715 meters)) 20 minute warm-up…..2 loop splits with actual pace in (): 4:41(5:16)–4:39(5:14)–4:37(5:11)–4:36(5:10)… 2 loop recovery in 5:30… 4:36(5:10)–4:33(5:07)–4:27(5:00)–4:26(4:59)….11:00 cool-down

I definitely surprised myself with how easy 5:00/mile felt. Hopefully that’s a good sign with 3.5 weeks to go until Shamrock! Next up is the RRCA Club Challenge.on Sunday. It is a hilly 10 mile race in Columbia, MD where all of the local running clubs compete for the team title. I will be running for Falls Road Running

I’m going to take it easy the next two days by doing 50 minutes each day with some striders on Saturday and hope to run decently fast on Sunday.

3.5 weeks to go!!!



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