Another workout adjustment, but it went great!…

I mentioned this in my post last night, but with the coming snow storm I had to move my workout up a day early. I decided to do a completely different workout and do a shorter version of the one I had planned on Friday. My body does not do well with snow/ice/mud. I have learned that even one run or workout on any of these leads to low back/hip/groin/knee issues. Without going into a ton of detail…I believe it is because of my body tensing up and being prepared to slide of the course of the run.

Anyway, on to the workout. I did a double workout today with no carbohydrates before running and no carbohydrates in between workouts. The plan was to deplete my glycogen stores by the end of the second workout….it partially worked. If I had more time the second workout would have been longer and I’m sure I could have got to that point. I guess you can also look at the fact that I didn’t get depleted as good news. It must mean I have a decent amount of stores… Ideally I would have had more recovery time before doing this workout, but I’m extremely happy with the way it went. I will really focusing on recovering over the next 2 days, getting in a solid alternate pace workout on Friday, and an easy long run on Sunday.

Details: (Valley Centre (715 meter) Loop) 5:30 am:—-15 minute warm-up….12 loops moderate….3:00 jog/change into flats…12 loops starting a little faster than marathon pace and picking it up throughout…..12 minute cool-down.  2 loops splits (actual pace in ())—5:02 (5:38)–4:57 (5:34)–4:57 (5:34)–4:55 (5:32)–4:48 (5:24)–4:49 (5:25)……….4:34 (5:08)–4:34 (5:08)–4:33 (5:07)–4:33 (5:07)–4:31 (5:05)–4:28 (5:01)

Lunch: 12 minute warm-up…..16 laps continuous with first 8 moderate/8 loops harder…10 minute cool-down    2 loop splits (actual pace in ()): 4:58 (5:35)–4:52 (5:28)–4:51 (5:27)–4:51 (5:27)–4:28 (5:01)–4:29 (5:02)–4:31 (5:05)–2:12 (4:56)–2:08 (4:48)…was able to finish strong, but definitely had to push and focus to maintain pace over the last 5 laps.

I followed up the second workout with a bottle of Twin Labs Ultra-Fuel (a drink that Keith Dowling had mentioned to me a while ago) and Whey Protein to replenish my glycogen stores and start repairing everything I beat up over the course of the two workouts.

12 days to go…..


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