Crazy Good Last “Real” Workout!

I surprised myself again with how well my workout went today. At this rate I wish I had another month before my marathon, but I am definitely pleased with the progress I have been making week to week. I feel like I’m really ready for a marathon breakthrough in 9 days.

Details: Valley Centre (paved flat 715 meter loop) 21 minute warm-up….16 laps continuous alternating a hard lap with a moderate “recovery” lap….,20 minute cool-down

Splits: 2:14/2:31-2:10/2:30-2:08/2:30-2:09/2:29-2:06/2:30-2:07/2:30-2:07/2:28-2:04/2:25   (I did not put the actual pace for every lap, but here are some lap times with actual pace:  Hard Laps:   2:10 (4:52), 2:08 (4:48), 2:06 (4:43), 2:04 (4:39)—-“Recovery” Laps: ,2:30 (5:37), 2:28 (5:33), 2:25 (5:26)

For comparison sake here are my splits (20 loops alternating 2:18-2:20 with 2:35-2:40) and blog post (blog post has reasons for doing the workout as well….)from January 17th, the last time I did a workout like this….I did 20 laps that time and had planned on doing 24 laps of this workout on Wednesday of this week, but I made changes do to the “huge” snow that didn’t really happen. I only did 16 laps today because my race is only 9 days away. I definitely could have continued at the pace I was going if I needed to…which is kind of crazy when you look at the splits from this workout the last time I did it. I know it’s been a while since the first time I did it, but it’s definitely reassuring to see such great progress….Details from last time..

9 Days to go!


2 thoughts on “Crazy Good Last “Real” Workout!

  1. Graham Peck

    Dave – Tremendous stream of workouts you’ve put together! I think you should be all over that sub 2:20 at Shamrock. Best of luck.


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