Weekly Training Summary (1 week to go!)

Training Week of 3/4:

Great week of training! I got in 2 extremely solid workouts and one easy 2 hour long run. All of training is done now…easy short days (a few miles at marathon pace on Wednesday) from here on out. I’m feeling really good about the marathon this coming weekend. I saw the elite lists and I can definitely say it’s going to be a competitive one….probably one of the most competitive in years! I’m hoping this means we can work together and get pulled along to a great time….

Sunday: early am: 120 minutes easy on roads/sidewalks/grass…really focused on holding myself back and running easy. I checked my pace a few times just to see how fast I was going and it was always between 6:55 and 7:05. The whole entire run felt easy and I felt like I was running much slower than I was… Finished up with 4 x :15 hard over last 5 minutes.

Saturday: 40 minutes easy…pushing boys in stroller with Amanda.

Friday: Valley Centre (paved flat 715 meter loop) 21 minute warm-up….16 laps continuous alternating a hard lap with a moderate “recovery” lap….,20 minute cool-down  Splits: 2:14/2:31-2:10/2:30-2:08/2:30-2:09/2:29-2:06/2:30-2:07/2:30-2:07/2:28-2:04/2:25   (I did not put the actual pace for every lap, but here are some lap times with actual pace:  Hard Laps:   2:10 (4:52), 2:08 (4:48), 2:06 (4:43), 2:04 (4:39)—-”Recovery” Laps: ,2:30 (5:37), 2:28 (5:33), 2:25 (5:26)

Thursday: am: 40 minutes easy on treadmill  / lunch: 50 minutes on turf fields at Garrison Forest School.

Wednesday: 43 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School.

Tuesday: am: (Valley Centre (715 meter) Loop) 5:30 am:—-15 minute warm-up….12 loops moderate….3:00 jog/change into flats…12 loops starting a little faster than marathon pace and picking it up throughout…..12 minute cool-down.  2 loops splits (actual pace in ())—5:02 (5:38)–4:57 (5:34)–4:57 (5:34)–4:55 (5:32)–4:48 (5:24)–4:49 (5:25)……….4:34 (5:08)–4:34 (5:08)–4:33 (5:07)–4:33 (5:07)–4:31 (5:05)–4:28 (5:01)  / lunch: 12 minute warm-up…..16 laps continuous with first 8 moderate/8 loops harder…10 minute cool-down    2 loop splits (actual pace in ()): 4:58 (5:35)–4:52 (5:28)–4:51 (5:27)–4:51 (5:27)–4:28 (5:01)–4:29 (5:02)–4:31 (5:05)–2:12 (4:56)–2:08 (4:48)…was able to finish strong, but definitely had to push and focus to maintain pace over the last 5 laps.

Monday: 50 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School (last 6:00 barefoot)


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