Great Workout Yesterday and Longrun Today


I did a workout that touched on some paces/energy systems I haven’t done in a while. I did the workout on my loop at Valley Centre (715 meter flat paved) as I wanted to see how the splits compared to the workouts I did leading up to the Shamrock Marathon,  I have not felt awesome since the marathon. My left foot (navicular) has been bothering me and I just haven’t felt the energy I felt leading up to the race. Wow, did I surprise myself! I ran much faster than I ever have for a workout on the loop. I completed a workout consisting of 4 loops hard–1 loop really easy–3 loops hard–1 loop really easy–2 loops hard—1 loop really easy—2 x 200 with 2:00 jog recovery in between. Splits and actual paces are posted below (actual paces in ())…

Details: Valley Centre (715 Meter Flat Loop)  4 loops/3 loops/2 loops with 1 loop really easy (3:30-4:00) for recovery. Splits: 8:41–2:11/2:10/2:10/2:10 (4:52/mile)….6:16–2:05/2:06/2:05 (4:41/mile)…(changed into racing flats)…3:57–2:00/1:57 (4:30–>4:23/mile)…2 x 200 in :28.6 and :28.2


I was out the door early this morning and got in a nice 20 mile longrun. I ran the whole run at around 6:30-40/mile. I didn’t want to go crazy as I worked out yesterday and had gotten in a decent number of miles over the previous 4 days.


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