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Training Summary Week of 4/22

Another great week of training completed. I have definitely been surprising myself lately with the quality of workouts I have been able to complete. Each time I think I have made a big jump I end up coming out and running even faster in the next workout. Tuesday’s workout was insane! It has to be one of my best workouts ever. I also think that I have possibly figured out my fueling issues in longer workouts/races. I am going to wait until later in the race before I take any form of carbohydrates. For some reason once I start taking in carbohydrates I go slightly hypoglycemic… I’m hoping that figuring this out will finally equate to a “breakthrough” marathon in a little less than 3 weeks. I guess that will depend on the conditions as well…hoping for cool/dry conditions on May 19th!

This weekend I have the Frederick Half Marathon in Frederick, MD. I had originally planned on running Broadstreet, but it’s a tough trip for me and the family. Frederick is much closer and we will spend the day in the area celebrating my birthday.

Training Week of 4/22:

Sunday: 20 miles (on rolling pavement (T.Rowe Price Loop)
2.5 easy 16 at 6:00-5:52-5:50-5:40-5:42-5:39-5:31-5:33-5:30-5:28(1/2 gel) 5:28-5:21-5:19(1/2 gel)-5:13-5:12-5:03…1.5 easy   (Really surprising myself lately…I had intended up to run between 5:50-6:00/mile, but it felt too easy)

Saturday: 20:00 warm-up…10 x 200 all at :32.low with :40 recovery jog….2 miles in 9:53…10 x 200 first 8 all :32.low with 9 at :30 and 10 at :28….14:00 cool-down

Friday: 50 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School
/ 4 miles easy pushing double stroller on NCR Trail with Amanda

Thursday: 80 minutes easy / 20 minutes of weights

Wednesday:  40 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School
/ 30 minutes pushing boys in double stroller with Amanda

Tuesday: (~31 miles total)

am: (T. Rowe Price Parking Lot Loop…Mile Rolling Hills) 3 mile warm-up…6 miles at 5:41-5:41-5:38-5:32-5:33-5:32 (put on flats) 6 miles at 5:01-5:01 (decided it would be best to slow down a bit)-5:07-5:06-5:02-5:04…1 mile cool-down

pm: (T. Rowe Price Parking Lot Loop…Mile Rolling Hills) 2.5 mile warm-up…4 miles at 5:36-5:32-5:26-5:24 (put on flats) 5 x mile with 2:00 jog recovery in 4:50-4:47-4:48-4:49-4:45…2.5 mile cool-down

Monday: 45 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School / 30 minutes easy pushing boys in double stroller with Amanda


Canova Style: Marathon Special Block

Today I completed a marathon special block. It is a type of workout that famed Italian coach Renato Canova has his marathon runners do 2-3 times in their marathon build-up. I’m happy with just doing it once! It consists of a longer workout in the morning followed by another one in the evening. No carbohydrates are allowed to be consumed in between the workouts! The workout has several different effects/outcomes, but there are 2 that really stand out for me specifically….muscular fatigue and glycogen depletion/storage. The overall length of the workout and the 22 miles at pretty much 5:30/mile or faster really focuses on the muscular fatigue I will feel late in the marathon. This is something I have had issues with in all of my previous marathons. The length of the workouts and the no carbohydrates before, during, or in between does wonders on glycogen storage through super compensation. By stressing my body and almost fully depleting it (“hitting the wall”) it will store even more glycogen in my muscles for the future. I did not really hit the wall during the second workout, but definitely started feeling it over the last mile of the cool-down. The fact that I didn’t really “hit the wall” is a good sign. It means that my body already has a good supply of glycogen stored up in my muscles. Today will definitely cause it to store even more!

Details: (Today was definitely one of my better workouts ever. I went into today thinking that I would run 6:00/mile for the moderate sections at the beginning of both workouts and run 5:10-15/mile for the second half of the first workout and 4:50-55 for the second. )

(~31 miles total)

am: (T. Rowe Price Parking Lot Loop…Mile Rolling Hills) 3 mile warm-up…6 miles at 5:41-5:41-5:38-5:32-5:33-5:32 (put on flats) 6 miles at 5:01-5:01 (decided it would be best to slow down a bit)-5:07-5:06-5:02-5:04…1 mile cool-down

pm: (T. Rowe Price Parking Lot Loop…Mile Rolling Hills) 2.5 mile warm-up…4 miles at 5:36-5:32-5:26-5:24 (put on flats) 5 x mile with 2:00 jog recovery in 4:50-4:47-4:48-4:49-4:45…2.5 mile cool-down

I’m really starting to feel fit….!

Today’s Marathon Specific Long Run

This morning I completed a long marathon specific workout that went surprisingly well. I haven’t been feeling incredible lately and I didn’t feel great during the first part of the workout today, but the workout got better and better as I ran. The workout totaled around 23 miles and started with the 3 miles easy…5 miles moderate (6:00/miles) then right into 12 miles starting at 5:30 and working down to sub 5:00/miles. Then after a mile easy I ran 4 x :50 STEEP hill repeats on a hill on campus. Why hill repeats after such a long workout? The point is to fully activate my fast twitch muscle fibers and have them get used to working while fatigued….and train my body to be able to recruit these fibers late in a marathon race.

6:00 pace did not feel easy early on in the workout and I was worried that it wasn’t going to go well, but after switching to running faster I started to feel better. I took 1/2 a gel after 6 and 9 miles of the marathon paced running and it made a big difference. I normally don’t take anything in training, but I have issues with fueling during the marathon and need to practice more in training. After today I think it will be best for me to wait until later in the race to start taking in carbohydrates of any kind. When I start taking them in early in a marathon race I seem to always have issues maintaining my pace/effort throughout the whole race.

Details: (T. Rowe Price Parking Lot Loop (1 mile rolling hills on pavement))  3 miles easy warm-up…5 miles moderate (6:04-6:07-6:00-5:59) right into 12 miles at a little slower than marathon pace to a little faster than marathon pace (5:31-5:30-5:26-5:18-5:22-5:19-5:12-5:15-5:08-4:58-4:59-4:56)….mile easy….4 x :50 hill STEEP hill repeats on campus with 1:30 recovery…mile cool-down

Training Summary from Week of 4/8

Last week went pretty well. I’ve still been feeling off and I think it’s because of allergies. I still have not seen anybody, but the fact that it happens every year around this time makes it hard for me not to believe it’s allergy related.

Details from the week:

Training Week of 4/8:

Sunday: am: 25 minutes pushing boys in double stroller  / 72 minutes on grass with rolling hills…finished up with 4 x :15 striders

Saturday: 60 minutes total…first 30 minutes pushing boys in double stroller, then finished up the run with 30 minutes on turf fields at Garrison Forest School while they ran around and played.

Friday: (out the door by 4:00 am) ~21 miles total…first 110 minutes easy (mid 6:00s/mile) after 110 minutes I ran 4 miles moderate at 5:41-5:36-5:27-5:23 then couple miles easy to my house (I had planned on totaling 3 hours, but wasn’t feeling great and I kept thinking about everything I had to get done in the morning before school…so called it a day at 143 minutes)

Thursday: 70 minutes on trails with rolling hills

Wednesday: lunch: 20 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School with 4 x :15 striders (Amanda and they boys stopped by…Evan and Colin loved running around with me. ResizedImage_1365610090793 pm: 20 minute warm-up…mile race in 4:03.09 (Splits I heard (not sure if accurate): 59, 1:59) 20 minute cool-down

Tuesday: 50 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School 

Monday: 40 minutes easy on turf fields / 15 minutes of weights/core followed by 20 minute easy run on treadmill


I had a decent first part of a double workout this morning where I ran 8 x :30 seconds downhill (to beat up my legs a bit) and then 6 x mile with 1:00 recovery….over lunch I’m doing a 15-20 minute continuous uphill tempo run on treadmill. I’ll post details later today…

4:03.09 Road Mile!

Last night I ran a 4:03.09 road mile at the Main Street Mile in Westminster, MD. I have never run a road mile before and thought it would be fun to run one. Yes, the course is net downhill and fast. I ended up getting second to Ed Aramayo who ran 4:00.07 (agonizingly close to breaking 4:00).

I don’t know how accurate these splits are, but I think I heard :59 and 1:59 for 400 and 800. The first 400 and last 400 are downhill…

I’m happy with the result as I have not run a race this short in a long time and have really only thrown in a few 200s over the past 2 weeks. Heck, my last race was a marathon! I wish I could run the race again next week…I know I would go faster. Back in my college days my first 1500 of a season was always 4-6 seconds slower than I would run in the next 2-3 weeks. That first shorter race is always a good “rust buster”.

With that being said….now it’s time to get back to marathon training. The Pocono Marathon is coming up fast.

Training Summary Week of 4/1

Last week went “okay” from a training standpoint. I started out the week with a great 20 x 200 workout, struggled through a workout on Thursday, and had a mediocre longer run on Sunday.  Every year around this time I start to have issues which I attribute to allergies. I don’t get the traditional allergy symptoms. I don’t have a runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, etc…. I end up feeling really fatigued and during workouts I feel like I have anemia! I feel like I’m not getting in enough oxygen and my legs actually get tired and heavy….It is not fun! I’ve done a lot of reading online (especially the message boards) and what I feel is actually fairly common. I have yet to be to a specialist, but I think it’s time to make an appointment. This year was definitely one of the most eye opening. I went from feeling amazing early in the week to struggling to run paces that were easy a week ago on Thursday. I looked online at pollen forecast/reports and it seemed like Wednesday/Thursday was a time when a decent amount of tree pollen had become present. I guess it’s not a coincidence that it all started after running 10 miles with a friend (Chris Chattin) on trails throughout woods and meadows Wednesday evening. Does anyone have any experience with what I am describing? It seems as if my lungs are reactive to something in the air and it ends up limiting how much oxygen I’m able to get in….

With all of that being said, I still did get in a decent week of training. My mileage was definitely higher than it has been in a while and I still managed to get in 2 decent workouts and a long run.

Training Week of 4/1:

Sunday: am: (T.Rowe Price Mile Loop (Rolling)) 14 miles total—3 mile warm–10 miles at 5:44-5:36-5:30-5:32-5:29-5:26-5:24-5:18-5:10-5:06–1 mile cool-down /pm: 12 minute warm-up—8 x :10 hill sprints with 2:30-3:00 jog recovery (grass hill behind lower school)

Saturday: 30 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School

Friday: 40 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School (5:00 barefoot) / 20 minutes of weights/core…then 20 minutes easy on treadmill   (allergies feeling a little better)

Thursday: (Valley Centre) 20 minute warm-up—-10 laps alternating 2:30/2:10….2:00 recovery to put on flats….8 laps continuous at 2:15/lap (5:04/mile)—15 minute cool-down  (I felt really bad today…feels like more than just being tired. I think it may be allergies….every year at this time I have issues with it! I go from feeling awesome running to feeling like I’m anemic and not able to continue workouts I had been doing before. What’s weird for me is that I don’t have the typical allergy symptoms. I just feel like crap when running and I’m tired all of the time….)

Wednesday: 60 minutes total…40 minute warm-up—2 striders–6 x :10 hill sprints with full 3:00 jog recovery / 75 minutes on trails with Chris Chattin

Tuesday: 50 minutes easy on easy turf fields at Garrison Forest School (5:00 barefoot) / 55 minutes easy on treadmill

Monday: (300 meter section of flat pavement…marked every 100 meters) 15 minute warm-up—-20 x 200 meters…first 18 all had 100 meter recovery in :38-:42 and 19 and 20 had 2:00 recovery before each. Odd numbers were run into slight headwind and all run at :32.something and evens were done with the wind in :31.something. 19 was run in :27.8 and 20 was :27.9——–8 minute cool-down   / 20 minutes of weights/core / pm: 30 minutes pushing boys in stroller with Amanda

Next Big Race Is……..

I found myself thinking about what marathon I wanted to do next just days after running in the Shamrock Marathon! I had decided that mid to late May would be good timing as any time later I could be looking at some higher temperatures. It will also give me a good time to relax for a couple weeks and then ramp mile miles up over the summer (something I haven’t done in a while) to get ready for a fall marathon.

I’ve decided I’m going to run the Pocono Marathon. Some of you might not know, but I grew up in the Pocono’s and my parents still live in Dingmans Ferry. It will be nice to run a marathon so close to where I grew up and have a lot of my family there to cheer for me!

On another note…I forget to mention this, but I do offer private/online coaching. You can find more information under the coaching tab or by emailing me.