I’ve mentioned this before, but I have found that I respond really well to shorter workouts like the one I completed today in the past. I did a couple of workouts like this a few Springs ago and ended up running 29:30 for 10k. I feel like it makes the pace of longer races feel easier…  I also feel that by doing a higher volume of shorter/faster intervals I am working on the muscle fatigue issues that I run into later in the marathon.

Details: (300 meter section of flat pavement…marked every 100 meters) 15 minute warm-up—-20 x 200 meters…first 18 all had 100 meter recovery in :38-:42 and 19 and 20 had 2:00 recovery before each. Odd numbers were run into slight headwind and all run at :32.something and evens were done with the wind in :31.something. 19 was run in :27.8 and 20 was :27.9——–8 minute cool-down

I was able to get in 15 minutes of weights/core in the afternoon and ran 30 minutes pushing the boys in the stroller with Amanda after school.

Solid day of workouts…


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