Training Summary Week of 4/1

Last week went “okay” from a training standpoint. I started out the week with a great 20 x 200 workout, struggled through a workout on Thursday, and had a mediocre longer run on Sunday.  Every year around this time I start to have issues which I attribute to allergies. I don’t get the traditional allergy symptoms. I don’t have a runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, etc…. I end up feeling really fatigued and during workouts I feel like I have anemia! I feel like I’m not getting in enough oxygen and my legs actually get tired and heavy….It is not fun! I’ve done a lot of reading online (especially the message boards) and what I feel is actually fairly common. I have yet to be to a specialist, but I think it’s time to make an appointment. This year was definitely one of the most eye opening. I went from feeling amazing early in the week to struggling to run paces that were easy a week ago on Thursday. I looked online at pollen forecast/reports and it seemed like Wednesday/Thursday was a time when a decent amount of tree pollen had become present. I guess it’s not a coincidence that it all started after running 10 miles with a friend (Chris Chattin) on trails throughout woods and meadows Wednesday evening. Does anyone have any experience with what I am describing? It seems as if my lungs are reactive to something in the air and it ends up limiting how much oxygen I’m able to get in….

With all of that being said, I still did get in a decent week of training. My mileage was definitely higher than it has been in a while and I still managed to get in 2 decent workouts and a long run.

Training Week of 4/1:

Sunday: am: (T.Rowe Price Mile Loop (Rolling)) 14 miles total—3 mile warm–10 miles at 5:44-5:36-5:30-5:32-5:29-5:26-5:24-5:18-5:10-5:06–1 mile cool-down /pm: 12 minute warm-up—8 x :10 hill sprints with 2:30-3:00 jog recovery (grass hill behind lower school)

Saturday: 30 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School

Friday: 40 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School (5:00 barefoot) / 20 minutes of weights/core…then 20 minutes easy on treadmill   (allergies feeling a little better)

Thursday: (Valley Centre) 20 minute warm-up—-10 laps alternating 2:30/2:10….2:00 recovery to put on flats….8 laps continuous at 2:15/lap (5:04/mile)—15 minute cool-down  (I felt really bad today…feels like more than just being tired. I think it may be allergies….every year at this time I have issues with it! I go from feeling awesome running to feeling like I’m anemic and not able to continue workouts I had been doing before. What’s weird for me is that I don’t have the typical allergy symptoms. I just feel like crap when running and I’m tired all of the time….)

Wednesday: 60 minutes total…40 minute warm-up—2 striders–6 x :10 hill sprints with full 3:00 jog recovery / 75 minutes on trails with Chris Chattin

Tuesday: 50 minutes easy on easy turf fields at Garrison Forest School (5:00 barefoot) / 55 minutes easy on treadmill

Monday: (300 meter section of flat pavement…marked every 100 meters) 15 minute warm-up—-20 x 200 meters…first 18 all had 100 meter recovery in :38-:42 and 19 and 20 had 2:00 recovery before each. Odd numbers were run into slight headwind and all run at :32.something and evens were done with the wind in :31.something. 19 was run in :27.8 and 20 was :27.9——–8 minute cool-down   / 20 minutes of weights/core / pm: 30 minutes pushing boys in stroller with Amanda


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