Training Summary from Week of 4/8

Last week went pretty well. I’ve still been feeling off and I think it’s because of allergies. I still have not seen anybody, but the fact that it happens every year around this time makes it hard for me not to believe it’s allergy related.

Details from the week:

Training Week of 4/8:

Sunday: am: 25 minutes pushing boys in double stroller  / 72 minutes on grass with rolling hills…finished up with 4 x :15 striders

Saturday: 60 minutes total…first 30 minutes pushing boys in double stroller, then finished up the run with 30 minutes on turf fields at Garrison Forest School while they ran around and played.

Friday: (out the door by 4:00 am) ~21 miles total…first 110 minutes easy (mid 6:00s/mile) after 110 minutes I ran 4 miles moderate at 5:41-5:36-5:27-5:23 then couple miles easy to my house (I had planned on totaling 3 hours, but wasn’t feeling great and I kept thinking about everything I had to get done in the morning before school…so called it a day at 143 minutes)

Thursday: 70 minutes on trails with rolling hills

Wednesday: lunch: 20 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School with 4 x :15 striders (Amanda and they boys stopped by…Evan and Colin loved running around with me. ResizedImage_1365610090793 pm: 20 minute warm-up…mile race in 4:03.09 (Splits I heard (not sure if accurate): 59, 1:59) 20 minute cool-down

Tuesday: 50 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School 

Monday: 40 minutes easy on turf fields / 15 minutes of weights/core followed by 20 minute easy run on treadmill


I had a decent first part of a double workout this morning where I ran 8 x :30 seconds downhill (to beat up my legs a bit) and then 6 x mile with 1:00 recovery….over lunch I’m doing a 15-20 minute continuous uphill tempo run on treadmill. I’ll post details later today…


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