Today’s Marathon Specific Long Run

This morning I completed a long marathon specific workout that went surprisingly well. I haven’t been feeling incredible lately and I didn’t feel great during the first part of the workout today, but the workout got better and better as I ran. The workout totaled around 23 miles and started with the 3 miles easy…5 miles moderate (6:00/miles) then right into 12 miles starting at 5:30 and working down to sub 5:00/miles. Then after a mile easy I ran 4 x :50 STEEP hill repeats on a hill on campus. Why hill repeats after such a long workout? The point is to fully activate my fast twitch muscle fibers and have them get used to working while fatigued….and train my body to be able to recruit these fibers late in a marathon race.

6:00 pace did not feel easy early on in the workout and I was worried that it wasn’t going to go well, but after switching to running faster I started to feel better. I took 1/2 a gel after 6 and 9 miles of the marathon paced running and it made a big difference. I normally don’t take anything in training, but I have issues with fueling during the marathon and need to practice more in training. After today I think it will be best for me to wait until later in the race to start taking in carbohydrates of any kind. When I start taking them in early in a marathon race I seem to always have issues maintaining my pace/effort throughout the whole race.

Details: (T. Rowe Price Parking Lot Loop (1 mile rolling hills on pavement))  3 miles easy warm-up…5 miles moderate (6:04-6:07-6:00-5:59) right into 12 miles at a little slower than marathon pace to a little faster than marathon pace (5:31-5:30-5:26-5:18-5:22-5:19-5:12-5:15-5:08-4:58-4:59-4:56)….mile easy….4 x :50 hill STEEP hill repeats on campus with 1:30 recovery…mile cool-down


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