Canova Style: Marathon Special Block

Today I completed a marathon special block. It is a type of workout that famed Italian coach Renato Canova has his marathon runners do 2-3 times in their marathon build-up. I’m happy with just doing it once! It consists of a longer workout in the morning followed by another one in the evening. No carbohydrates are allowed to be consumed in between the workouts! The workout has several different effects/outcomes, but there are 2 that really stand out for me specifically….muscular fatigue and glycogen depletion/storage. The overall length of the workout and the 22 miles at pretty much 5:30/mile or faster really focuses on the muscular fatigue I will feel late in the marathon. This is something I have had issues with in all of my previous marathons. The length of the workouts and the no carbohydrates before, during, or in between does wonders on glycogen storage through super compensation. By stressing my body and almost fully depleting it (“hitting the wall”) it will store even more glycogen in my muscles for the future. I did not really hit the wall during the second workout, but definitely started feeling it over the last mile of the cool-down. The fact that I didn’t really “hit the wall” is a good sign. It means that my body already has a good supply of glycogen stored up in my muscles. Today will definitely cause it to store even more!

Details: (Today was definitely one of my better workouts ever. I went into today thinking that I would run 6:00/mile for the moderate sections at the beginning of both workouts and run 5:10-15/mile for the second half of the first workout and 4:50-55 for the second. )

(~31 miles total)

am: (T. Rowe Price Parking Lot Loop…Mile Rolling Hills) 3 mile warm-up…6 miles at 5:41-5:41-5:38-5:32-5:33-5:32 (put on flats) 6 miles at 5:01-5:01 (decided it would be best to slow down a bit)-5:07-5:06-5:02-5:04…1 mile cool-down

pm: (T. Rowe Price Parking Lot Loop…Mile Rolling Hills) 2.5 mile warm-up…4 miles at 5:36-5:32-5:26-5:24 (put on flats) 5 x mile with 2:00 jog recovery in 4:50-4:47-4:48-4:49-4:45…2.5 mile cool-down

I’m really starting to feel fit….!

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