Training Summary Week of 4/22

Another great week of training completed. I have definitely been surprising myself lately with the quality of workouts I have been able to complete. Each time I think I have made a big jump I end up coming out and running even faster in the next workout. Tuesday’s workout was insane! It has to be one of my best workouts ever. I also think that I have possibly figured out my fueling issues in longer workouts/races. I am going to wait until later in the race before I take any form of carbohydrates. For some reason once I start taking in carbohydrates I go slightly hypoglycemic… I’m hoping that figuring this out will finally equate to a “breakthrough” marathon in a little less than 3 weeks. I guess that will depend on the conditions as well…hoping for cool/dry conditions on May 19th!

This weekend I have the Frederick Half Marathon in Frederick, MD. I had originally planned on running Broadstreet, but it’s a tough trip for me and the family. Frederick is much closer and we will spend the day in the area celebrating my birthday.

Training Week of 4/22:

Sunday: 20 miles (on rolling pavement (T.Rowe Price Loop)
2.5 easy 16 at 6:00-5:52-5:50-5:40-5:42-5:39-5:31-5:33-5:30-5:28(1/2 gel) 5:28-5:21-5:19(1/2 gel)-5:13-5:12-5:03…1.5 easy   (Really surprising myself lately…I had intended up to run between 5:50-6:00/mile, but it felt too easy)

Saturday: 20:00 warm-up…10 x 200 all at :32.low with :40 recovery jog….2 miles in 9:53…10 x 200 first 8 all :32.low with 9 at :30 and 10 at :28….14:00 cool-down

Friday: 50 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School
/ 4 miles easy pushing double stroller on NCR Trail with Amanda

Thursday: 80 minutes easy / 20 minutes of weights

Wednesday:  40 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School
/ 30 minutes pushing boys in double stroller with Amanda

Tuesday: (~31 miles total)

am: (T. Rowe Price Parking Lot Loop…Mile Rolling Hills) 3 mile warm-up…6 miles at 5:41-5:41-5:38-5:32-5:33-5:32 (put on flats) 6 miles at 5:01-5:01 (decided it would be best to slow down a bit)-5:07-5:06-5:02-5:04…1 mile cool-down

pm: (T. Rowe Price Parking Lot Loop…Mile Rolling Hills) 2.5 mile warm-up…4 miles at 5:36-5:32-5:26-5:24 (put on flats) 5 x mile with 2:00 jog recovery in 4:50-4:47-4:48-4:49-4:45…2.5 mile cool-down

Monday: 45 minutes easy on turf fields at Garrison Forest School / 30 minutes easy pushing boys in double stroller with Amanda


2 thoughts on “Training Summary Week of 4/22

  1. Graham Peck

    Those are some monster long runs, Dave! I’ll have to get up to the county and run with you sometime this summer when you’re taking it easier and not cracking sub 5:30’s for 2 hours! Killer workouts though, really.

    I’ll be rooting for fast weather on Preakness Weekend for your marathon.


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