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Training Recap Week of 5/20

I spent 95% of last week trying to recover from the Pocono Marathon (get my body ready to run the MCVET 5k/10k on Sunday). The downhills really took a toll on my body! I started feeling better by Thursday and Friday. Now, after 15k of racing on Sunday I’ll be spending most of this week recovering again before running the Bel Air Town Run on Sunday 6/2.

Training Week of 5/20:

Sunday: (RACES) MCVET 5k/10k (5k at 7:00 and 10k at 8:00) Race Report coming later tonight, but I ended up winning both. A couple Ethiopians came up from DC so it made the race more competitive then it has been in a few years. I ran 14:55 and 32:22…splits and details coming later.

Saturday: 45 minutes with 6 x :15 striders on slight uphill over last 10 minutes

Friday: 50 minutes easy on roads/sidewalks then 2 x :15 striders….4 x :12 hill-sprints! / pm: 30 minutes with Amanda (pushing the double stroller)

Thursday: 65 minutes on roads/sidewalks…legs finally starting to feel better. Downhills still hurt my quads. Finished up with 4 x straightaways on turf hard…

Wednesday: 45 minutes on on turf fields at Garrison Forest School  Lets are still sore…last 7:00 were barefoot

Tuesday: 30 minutes on turf fields at Garrison Forest School  OUCH!!! I don’t even know if you could call that running.

Monday:  30 minutes on turf fields at Garrison Forest School  OUCH!!! I don’t even know if you could call that running.


Pocono Marathon Recap

Most have probably already seen this, but I ended up winning the Pocono Marathon on Sunday. The results have me as running 2:22:19, but my watch and the clock both said 2:22:10. It’s a marathon though…9 seconds is not a big deal.

For those of you that don’t know, I grew up in the Poconos. My parents still live 45 minutes away from where the marathon finished. It was nice to have a small cheering section for me at the race. Amanda and the boys as well as my mother, father, brother, and sister were all there to watch the race.

The race organizers had to make a completely new course as a bridge was being repaired on the original course. I am glad they were able to come up with a new course and not have to cancel the event, but the new course was extremely difficult! Here is the profile. It’s hard to put into words just how difficult the course ended up being. I wish I had taken pictures of both the downhills and uphills throughout the course. Some of the downhills were so steep that when combined with the wet roads it made me have to be careful not to fall. I know….enough complaining, it was a race and everyone else had to run in the same conditions.

After 1 mile into the race myself and Bryan Morseman found ourselves separated from everyone else. Bryan and I chatted for a few miles before I started to pull away around 4 miles. At that point I thought I was going to be running the rest of the race by myself. Bryan had won the Delaware Marathon the week before and said he would be happy with second. The course started to drop off a cliff at around 6 miles. The hills were so steep I didn’t know what to do…both holding back and running fast caused too much pounding. I ran at what I thought was right in the middle. That ended up being 5:20/mile (in hindsight it probably should have been a little faster). Bryan ended up catching back up with me at around 8 miles…he was really moving on the downhills. We ran together (chatting again) for a mile or two and then I pulled ahead and ran the rest of the race all by myself. The rest of the race was pretty uneventful. I enjoyed the views and the cheering of the fans throughout the course. It was great having people come out of their houses throughout the race course to support the runners.

Splits: 5:36–5:23–5:19–5:13–5:06–5:27–10:40–5:10–5:09–5:04–5:28–5:26–5:44–5:32–10:50–5:17–5:27–5:21–5:30–5:46–5:36–5:46–5:44–5:15–2:22:10

I want to thank race director Bob Werts, Kate Booth, and everyone else affiliated the the Pocono Marathon-Run for the Red for having me up to their race! This is definitely an event I would come back for in the future. Maybe next time I can run on the original course…

I also want to thank my wife, Amanda for always supporting me and traveling with me to races. It’s wonderful to have my family there when crossing the finish line!

Some media coverage:


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Pocono Marathon is Sunday!

Sunday is the Pocono Marathon and I’m starting to get excited.

Today officially starts my “taper”. With that being said I did do a shorter long run on Saturday and a shorter version of a workout on Tuesday, but from a volume and frequency perspective it really starts today. Yesterday I ended up getting in 2 runs of 45 minutes and 30 minutes (with the double stroller). The next 3 days will be 40 minutes/35 minutes/30 minutes and will all be run on pavement. I will also throw in up to 4 x :15 striders over the last 5 minutes of each of the runs to get my legs turning over.

I have also started eating a higher percentage of carbohydrates (and fats) today and will continue through Saturday night. While some people can get away with throwing in some junk food for the extra carbs, I have found that my body is very sensitive to the spike in blood sugar that comes along with eating sweets. For this marathon I am trying something a little bit different. I am going to eat fairly normal (for myself) with a focus on a little bit more on the carbohydrate portions, but in between meals I am going to have a 20 oz water bottle with 2 scoops of Twin Labs Ultra Fuel. Ultra Fuel is a carbohydrate replacement drink with 100 calories and 25 grams of carbohydrates per scoop. This will add up to 3 (will see how 2 go down between breakfast/lunch and lunch/dinner) drinks of 200 calories and 50 grams of carbohydrates per drink.

The course is going to be challenging. Here is a copy of the profile. I’m going to have to be very patient and smart the first 15 miles. If you have ever run a longer race or done a workout with a number of downhills then you know what I’m talking about. Running too fast/hard downhill can leave you suffering over the rest of the race. There will be several challenging uphills as well….it’s going to be challenging. I’m looking forward to it!


Final Tune-Up Before Pocono Marathon

I was out of the house by 5:30 this morning and it was COLD! I knew it was supposed to get cold last night, but I wasn’t expecting to feel as cold as it did. Thankfully I was wearing gloves and a running jacket, but I found myself wishing I had actually worn a winter hat!

Details: (Valley Centre 715 meter loop/Hill Behind Sam’s Club)  15 minute easy warm-up….6 x :12 hill sprints with 2:00 recovery jog…2 laps of Valley Centre in 2:18/2:17 (5:10–:08/mile)…6 x :12 hill sprints with 2:00 recovery jog…2 laps of Valley Centre in 2:19/2:14 (5:12–:01/mile)…10 minute cool-down.

Schedule up until Sunday (Pocono Marathon):

Later today: short weight session then 20-30 minutes easy

Wednesday: 40 minutes/40 minutes

Thursday: 40 minutes with 4 x :15 striders

Friday: 40 minutes with 4 x :15 striders

Saturday: 30 minutes with 4 x :15 striders

Looking forward to seeing what I can do this weekend.

Also…I know I posted this yesterday, but thanks to the Keystone Track Club for continuing to support me, but more importantly I wanted to thank my wife (Amanda) for being so supportive of my running.

keystone track club                    meamanda


Training Summary Week of 5/6

Another “solid” week of training complete. It took me longer than I expected to recover from the Frederick Half Marathon , but I guess that can be expected as I pushed my body pretty hard and really got after it on the downhills. I think this is a good thing as my body will be more ready for the pounding it will take this weekend at the Pocono Marathon.

Training Week of 5/6:

Sunday: am: 30 minutes easy with Amanda and pushing boys in double stroller / pm: 40 minutes pushing Evan in stroller while Colin napped.

Saturday: (14 miles total) T. Rowe Mile Loop–3 miles easy warm-up….5 miles at 6:00-5:54-5:50-5:48-5:44…3 miles at 5:14-5:13-5:12…3 miles easy cool-down (legs felt good, but did get tired earlier than expected…looking forward to an easy week next week to get my legs ready to go at Pocono.

Friday: 57 minutes on turf fields at Garrison Forest School / 30 minutes easy with Amanda and pushing boys in double stroller (legs felt much better today)

Thursday: 16 minute warm-up….6 x :12 all-out hill sprints with 2:00 jog recovery…2:00 jog over to Valley Centre Loop then 6 laps alternating 1 lap harder with 1 lap moderate (hard laps were around 5:00/mile and moderate were 5:24/mile)….2:00 jog back to hill then 6 x :12 all-out hill sprints with 2:00 jog recovery….2:00 jog back to loop then 6 more loops alternating 4:52–>48/mile with 5:24–>22/mile….15 minute cool-down / pm: 30 minutes easy with Amanda and pushing the boys in the double stroller  (legs felt better, but pretty wrecked by the end of the workout)

Wednesday: 50 minutes on turf fields at Garrison Forest School / pm: 30 minutes easy with Amanda and pushing the boys in the double stroller (legs still a little sore)

Tuesday: 50 minutes on turf fields at Garrison Forest School / pm: 30 minutes easy with Amanda and pushing the boys in the double stroller  (Legs sore)

Monday: 45 minutes in the rain on turf fields at Garrison Forest School (Amanda came down with the boys and ran 30:00 with me…the boys loved running around and playing in the rain!)/ 15 minutes of weights/core  (Legs sore)