Training Summary Week of 5/27

I spent most of this week recovering from MCVETs 5k and 10k races. My right upper hamstring and lower left hamstring were bugging me all week long. I know I keep saying I have to listen to my body and be careful, but it’s hard to not push and take chances when you are fit. I had a great race at the Bel Air Town Run 5k in 14:38. I went out hard the first mile and it definitely made it hard to maintain pace over the rest of the race.

I am not 100% sure, but I may run Damien’s Run 5k in Columbia this weekend. They are offering some big money for breaking the course record, but Abiyot Endale came last year and ran 14:23! I think I may try and take a shot at it, but it’s going to be hard to beat. I definitely think I could have run under 14:30 in Bel Air last week had I pushed/maintained over the last mile, but it’s another big jump to 14:23. The good news is that the pace will feel somewhat familiar as I went through the mile and 2 mile last week at 4:26 and 9:12. We’ll see what happens….

Training Week of 5/27:

Sunday: (Bel Air Town Run 5k)  2 mile warm-up…3.1 mile race….2 mile cool-down / pm: 30 minutes easy pushing double stroller. Race: 4:26/4:46 (9:12)/5:28 last 1.1 The first mile is definitely the fastest, but I wasn’t expecting to be at 4:26. In hindsight it was definitely too fast as I suffered from it over the last mile. The last mile is the hardest, but I shouldn’t have slowed down as much as I did. I lost the fight that was pushing me through the first 2 miles and found myself settling in.

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Saturday: 45 minutes total on roads…6 x :12 hard striders
Friday: 50 minutes on turf fields at Garrison Forest School  2 x :15 striders/ 30 minutes with Amanda pushing boys in double stroller

Thursday: 90 minutes total on roads/sidewalks….65 minutes easy then 2 x :15 striders and 8 x :12 hill sprints with 2:00 jog recovery  (20 minutes of weights/core)

Wednesday: 50 minutes on turf fields at Garrison Forest School  4 x :15 striders / 30 minutes with Amanda pushing boys in double stroller

Tuesday: 50 minutes on turf fields at Garrison Forest School  / 30 minutes with Amanda pushing boys in double stroller

Monday: 40 minutes on turf fields at Garrison Forest School    (20 minutes of weights/core)


5 thoughts on “Training Summary Week of 5/27

    1. daveberdan Post author

      Don’t run that short often, but wanted to see what I could do. I definitely went out to fast…it is the fastest mile on the course, but it was still too fast. Im taking in shot at the Damiens Run 5k course record on Sunday….14:23….it’s going to be hard!

  1. David Cobb

    How’d Damiens 5k go? You would have had some competition this year at the Baltimore 10-Miler. Leader went 52 mins. Dreaded Druid Hills this weekend?

    1. daveberdan Post author

      Hi David,
      I’ve been banged up since the Tuesday after BelAir. I slipped with my left foot down one step in our stairwell and caught my self with the same leg on the next step down. I’ve had hip/glute/low back/groin pain ever since. I worked out on in that Wednesday, but it didn’t feel great afterwards. I tried to be positive and take a few days off and still try to come back for Damien’s, but that didn’t happen. I then decided to take 5 days off and see if I could get back for Spirit of Gettysburg, but that didn’t happen either. I felt much better, but still not ready to race. I’ve been jumping on the spinning bike and continuing strength training, but have basically been taking a break. It was nice to get out on my rode bike yesterday and get in a “real” workout (in place of 30 minute rides on the spinning bike) and today I got in 40 minutes and it was fairly hard. I’m hoping it wasn’t too hard. I have to be smarter….I felt awesome, but should have held back. I want to get back and run the Arbutus Firecracker on the 4th and then Rockville Twilight later in July. My main goal is to get healthy and run some good halfs and a marathon in the fall. I want to get under 1:05 and 2:18 and qualify for 2016 marathon olympic trials…

      Thanks for seeing how it’s been going. I need to put up a post….been a busy last few weeks.

      1. David Cobb

        Sorry to hear about the injury. Maybe a rest isn’t such a bad thing before you gear up for the fall though. Seems to take an injury to get runners to take it easy. Qualifying for the Olympic trials is going to be a tall order. Maybe a few extra miles with that double stroller for strength and motivation. I’m planning to run the Baltimore marathon in October and hopefully best my time in Houston this year of 2:57. Keep us up to date once you get back in to training. But no rush!

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