Monthly Archives: July 2013


I apologize as it’s been a while since I have posted an update. I have been “banged up” for the past 6 weeks or so. It all started the week after the BelAir Town Run on Monday June 4th. I was walking down the steps in our house and slipped down one step and caught myself on the next step with all of my weight on my left leg. It sounds pretty harmless, but it’s little things like this that have hurt me in the past as well (I had the same symptoms after slipping on mud back in early December when playing with the kids). The next day I noticed that my left hip/glute/low back/it band didn’t feel right, but I ignored it and ran a workout that Wednesday. The workout put me over the top and I was basically limping around for days. I took off for 3 days and thought it would be okay to start back up again because I wanted to run Damien’s Run and the Spirit of Gettysburg. I was wrong as every time I tried to run faster the pain came right back. This was the story for the past 6 weeks…take off a few days….try again…take off again. I’m finally at a point where I have been running consistently for 2+ weeks and keeping the volume up. I have not been able to do any “real” workouts though…running faster than 5:30/mile has been an issue. I’ve been slowly adding some hill sprints and striders and will try a shorter workout tomorrow (Tuesday 7/16) to see how I feel. The plan is to run the Rockville Twilighter 8k on Saturday. It will be an interesting race as I haven’t really worked out, but I also haven’t really taken a significant break. Even on the days off I was still spinning on a bike for at least 30:00 a day.

Here is my training from the week of July 7th:

Sunday: Lakeside-11 (counter-clockwise) in 77:45

Saturday: 30 minutes easy on roads with 4 x :12 striders

Friday: 45 minutes on turf fields at Garrison Forest School (last 10 minutes barefoot)

Thursday: Lakeside-11 (clockwise) in 66:11. Pushed hard up every hill and kept it somewhat moderate throughout.

Wednesday: 55 minutes on grass fields…picked it up to sub 6:00 pace over the last 15:00.

Tuesday: Lakeside-11 (clockwise) in 71:53

Monday: 65 minutes total…45 minutes easy on grass then 7 x :12 hill sprints with 2:00 recovery jog (Lochinvar Hill)