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XC Team Wins Conference Championship for 2nd Straight Year!!!

Very proud of my cross country team at the Garrison Forest School. Yesterday they won the IAAM “C” Conference Championship for the second straight season!


Baltimore Marathon

What a fun experience! I ended up winning the Baltimore Marathon today. The amount of support I received out in the course was amazing. Everyone was yelling either “GO DAVE” or “GO TEACH”. So much fun to win a local marathon where so many people know me. Hoping I inspired some more people to get out and start running…

Some pictures (more to come later):



Articles (again…more later):

Some local media coverage about the Baltimore Marathon

Great interview. I would like to point out that I do run with and beat East Africans at most of the races I run. They made it seem like I only have a chance because they won’t be running. Runners are runners…doesn’t matter where they are from. As my friend Chris Chattin texted me today (via Mark Coogan), a W is a W…regardless of the race. So I’m just going to do my best and try to win.

Baltimore Marathon on Saturday!!!

My next race is going to be the Baltimore Marathon. I have held back from making an announcement as my hip has still been a concern. I am nowhere near 100%, but I have had the Baltimore Marathon written in my schedule since last year. The race is fun and well organized. 2011 was an incredible experience for me. I found myself in the lead at 1/4 mile into the race and ended up leading until just after 11 miles. I had gone into the race with a goal of running under 2:19 and qualifying for the Olympic Trials.  Unfortunately nobody else in the race was really concerned about time and I had to run the first half of the race by myself. I ended up finishing 10th in a PR of 2:21:19. The amount of support I received from the people of Baltimore was amazing. Everyone was pulling for the “local” to win the race. I had people cheering for me in all areas of the course. They were yelling things like, “Go USA”, “Go Teacher”. It was a great experience!

Here are a couple great articles from that year:



I have not had as much of the specific training that I would like to have before a marathon, but I’ve had some pretty good workouts over the past 2-3 weeks.

Last week (Wednesday) I completed a big “block” workout where I ran 31 miles total over 2 workouts:

am: 17 miles total.  2.5 mile warm-up….12 miles at 5:30-35/mile…2.5 mile cool-down

No Carbohydrates

pm: 14 miles total.   3 mile warm-up….8 miles at 5:30-40/mile…3 mile cool-down   The last 2 miles of the 8 mile section got really tough…definitely hit the glycogen depletion wall (what I wanted!) and was dizzy/exhausted over the 3 mile cool-down.

On Sunday I completed a workout that consisted of: 3 mile warm-up….6 miles alternating 800s at 2:50 and 2:32–>2:26….3 mile cool-down