Baltimore Marathon on Saturday!!!

My next race is going to be the Baltimore Marathon. I have held back from making an announcement as my hip has still been a concern. I am nowhere near 100%, but I have had the Baltimore Marathon written in my schedule since last year. The race is fun and well organized. 2011 was an incredible experience for me. I found myself in the lead at 1/4 mile into the race and ended up leading until just after 11 miles. I had gone into the race with a goal of running under 2:19 and qualifying for the Olympic Trials.  Unfortunately nobody else in the race was really concerned about time and I had to run the first half of the race by myself. I ended up finishing 10th in a PR of 2:21:19. The amount of support I received from the people of Baltimore was amazing. Everyone was pulling for the “local” to win the race. I had people cheering for me in all areas of the course. They were yelling things like, “Go USA”, “Go Teacher”. It was a great experience!

Here are a couple great articles from that year:



I have not had as much of the specific training that I would like to have before a marathon, but I’ve had some pretty good workouts over the past 2-3 weeks.

Last week (Wednesday) I completed a big “block” workout where I ran 31 miles total over 2 workouts:

am: 17 miles total.  2.5 mile warm-up….12 miles at 5:30-35/mile…2.5 mile cool-down

No Carbohydrates

pm: 14 miles total.   3 mile warm-up….8 miles at 5:30-40/mile…3 mile cool-down   The last 2 miles of the 8 mile section got really tough…definitely hit the glycogen depletion wall (what I wanted!) and was dizzy/exhausted over the 3 mile cool-down.

On Sunday I completed a workout that consisted of: 3 mile warm-up….6 miles alternating 800s at 2:50 and 2:32–>2:26….3 mile cool-down



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