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I am back to training again, but I’ve still been dealing with the nagging hip issue I have had since last June. I keep hoping that it is going to randomly go away as some injuries have in the past, but it keeps lingering.

I ended up taking 2.5 weeks off and have been training again over the past 3+ weeks. I will paste what I have done below and promise that I will do a better job of at least updating my training on a weekly basis.

As of right now it looks like the plan is going to be to try and take a shot at either an early spring marathon or an early spring half marathon and late spring marathon. The goal is still to get under 1:05 and 2:18. I have been re-reading  a lot of Renato Canova’s training information (huge influence on my training and the athletes that I coach) and with the right training I can definitely get under both of those times. Heck, according to him if I can run under 1:05 then there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to break 2:15 if I train “right”.

Training from the last 3 weeks is below. I am taking it easy, but definitely making progress. I apologize that each week is in a different template. I am trying to find the best way to get the information to my blog from google docs. The third week is actually a table that has 1st run of the day on the left and 2nd run of the day on the right.

Week of 11/04:

Monday:  30 minutes easy

Tuesday:  30 minutes spinning on bike/30 minutes easy running

Wednesday: 30minutes on elliptical/35 minutes running

Thursday: 45 minutes running…7:00/mile down to 6:15/mile

Friday: 40 minutes easy on golf course

Saturday: OFF…busy day

Sunday:  11 miles…rolling hills in 68:45


Week of 11/11:

Sunday: –10 minute easy warm-up (campus/turf)

– (Moderate) Caves-Park Heights-Garrison-Walnut-Home in 1:19:47

Saturday: – 60 minutes super easy on turf (last 6 minutes barefoot)


– 20 minute warm-up

– 3 x Hill Circuit on Golf Course Road (:20 run/:20 skip/:20 run/:15 bound/:20 run/:20 butt kicks/hard to top of hill/8 x squat jumps (All around 2:45)

– 25 minute cool-down

Thursday: – 25 minutes on grass fields

Wednesday: – 60 minutes on roads…keeping most of it moderate

Tuesday: – 60 minutes easy

Monday: – OFF


Week of 11/18:


45 minutes easy on turf field

35 minutes easy on grass fields


50 minutes easy on turf field

40 minutes easy on roads/golf course



Valley Centre Parking Lot Loop

– 20 minute warm-up

– 4 x 2 loops with 1:30 recovery jog

(2:27/2:20) (2:19/2:21) (2:21/2:21) (2:20/2:20) 2:20 is around 5:13-15/mile on that loop. I had planned on 8, but was feeling it a bit in my hip and decided it was better to take it easy.

– 15 minute cool-down


40 minutes easy on treadmill

35 minutes easy on grass fields


Golf Course Rd Hill

– 20 minute warm-up

– 4 x hill circuit (~2:40 for each)

– 20 minute cool-down

32 minutes easy on golf course with my brother and Logan


2:00 easy on trails/roads

– 4 x :20 hard over last mile



40 minutes easy on golf course

40 minutes easy on golf course with Logan