Training Week of 1/6

Another week of training down and 9 weeks to go until the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon. I finished off this past week with a great marathon specific long run at 90–>95% of goal marathon pace. The run built upon the one I did back on 12/22, where I did 21 miles with 18 of it at a similar pace. 2-3 weeks down the road I will do the same run again, but it will be 25 miles total with 22 of it at the same pace…and ultimately (4-5 weeks to go) I will end up doing 27-28 miles with 24-25 of it at the same pace.

I am feeling really strong and way ahead of where I was at this point last year. I ran the Shamrock Marathon last year and finished 4th in 2:23.  The long run on Sunday started off the marathon specific phase of training. Over the next 9 weeks I will be doing LONGER workouts with a high percentage of them at or around marathon race pace. With that being said I will still stay in touch with some shorter workouts as I feel like they help make marathon pace (5:10-15/mile) feel more manageable.




-30 minutes warmup

-75 minutes at 9.5 mph alternating every 3:00 between .5% grade and 5% grade

-15 minute cool-down


45 minutes easy on treadmill

45 minutes on hilly roads


50 minutes easy on treadmill



Valley Centre (715 meter Loop)

– 20 minute warm-up

– 8 x 2 loops with 1:00 recovery (4:30–4:23–4:22–4:21–4:21–4:21–4:20–4:18 (all around 4:52–:50/mile pace)

– 10 minute cool-down


-15 minute warm-up

– 15 minutes at 9 mph and 0-5 at 5%….5-10 at 5.5%…10-15 at 6% grade

– 10 minute cool-down


75 minutes easy on treadmill

30 minutes of body weight/core exercises


55 minutes easy on turf fields

35 minutes on roads/turf (Pouring Rain and 50 degrees…body freezing by end)


T. Rowe Mile Loop

(23 miles total)

2.5 mile warm-up….

20 miles at:

5:43–5:36–5:28–5:33–5:34–5:32–5:33–5:32–5:34–5:31–5:33-5:27–5:30-5:28–5:30–5:27–5:22–5:24–5:16–5:03(last 3:00 hard/uphill)

.5 mile cooldown…

18 of the 20 were on a mile loop with rolling hills



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