Training Week of 1/13

This is kind of late, but here is my training from last week…

On Wednesday I got in a Renato Canova type marathon specific workout of 6 x 2860 meters (my loop is 715 meters) with 1430 meter moderate recovery. I ran the 2860s at 5:10–>5:05/mile and the recovery at 5:40-45/mile.

Saturday I got in a great semi-specific long run. This is a type of workout that Nate Jenkins has suggested to me in the past, but I had never actually done it until this past week. It is a workout that a number of Brazilian marathoners use (specifically Marílson Gomes dos Santos) when preparing for a marathon. By running at marathon pace and faster after already running for a long time one works on the muscular fatigue that occurs over the later stages of the marathon. I believe muscular fatigue is something that has slowed me down in every one of my marathons thus far.



80 minutes easy on treadmill


50 minutes easy on treadmill



22 miles total (Valley Centre (715 meter loop)

– 6 x 4 laps with 2 lap moderate recovery then 1 lap hard

(4:38/4:34) (5:03) (4:34/4:34) (5:02) (4:30/4:32) (5:04) (4:29/4:31) (5:10) (4:28/4:30) (5:08) (4:30/4:29)  (5:02) 1 lap in 2:06

(2:17/lap is 5:10/mile…2:15 is 5:05….2:30/lap is 5:40)



50 minutes on treadmill

50 minutes on hilly roads


45 minutes on turf

(12 X :15 striders)



24 miles total (Dolfield→Lakeside Loop (hilly) x 2 then Valley Centre Parking Lot)

-18 miles in 1:50

– 5k in 15:48

-½ mile easy

– 4 x 400 in 67-68 with :30/100 meter recovery



40 minutes easy on grass fields (uneven footing due to grass being frozen…going to stay away from that in the future)

40 minutes on turf fields  (last 10 minutes barefoot)


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