Training Update Week of 1/20 (7 weeks until Shamrock Marathon!)

Another week of marathon training down and 7 weeks to go until the Shamrock Marathon!

The weather did not cooperate this week…this caused me to complete most of my runs on the treadmill. Completing workouts on the treadmill is a challenge for me because the treadmill only goes to 6:00/mile pace and my goal marathon pace is 5:10-5:15/mile. In order to make up for the difference I find myself doing a lot of hill workouts. I enjoy hill workouts on the treadmill, but I need to be getting my body used to running at marathon pace…


52 minutes easy on turf fields

60 minutes total

(8 x :12 hill sprints up steepest section of Lochinvar)



2:00 total

-30 minute warm-up

-60 minutes at 9.5 mph and alternating 3:00 at .5% and 5.5% grades

-30 minute cool-down



50 minutes easy on treadmill

50 minutes easy on treadmill


83 minutes total on treadmill

(15 x :15 Hill Sprints at 15% grade and 10mph)



95 minutes on treadmill

-50 minutes easy

-30 minutes at 9.5 mph and 0-10 at 4%…10-20 at 4.5%…20-25 at 5%…25-30 at 5.5% grades



45 minutes easy on snowy roads



60 minutes easy on treadmill

30 minutes spinning on bike (Right inner shin (posterior tibialis) is tender…probably from the 2 hill workouts back to back…not smart!


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