Training from Week of 2/3 (5 weeks until Shamrock Marathon!)

5 weeks until the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon! Another difficult week due to the weather! This is becoming an all too common statement. Once again I was forced to delay and change some of the workouts because of the weather. I was able to get in a great workout on Saturday. The most interesting part of the workout is not the pace of the 5k repeats, but the pace of the recovery. This is something that Renato Canova sees as being extremely important….the 5:00 I was running in between (2 laps of the 715 meter loop) was run at 5:35-37/mile. A number of people out there could complete this workout with 5:00 full recovery, but making it 5:35/mile makes it completely different! The next 3 weeks are going to be super intense and important to me doing well in Virginia Beach!



90 minutes (30 on  indoor track then 60 on treadmill)



50 minutes easy on turf fields


75 minutes on treadmill (60 minutes of it at 6:00/mile)

65 minutes total (55 minutes of it working to 6:38/mile and then from 3% grade up to 5.5 % grade over the last 40 minutes)


50 minutes easy on turf

50 minutes easy on turf with Amanda and Liz (while kids played)



50 minutes easy on turf


Valley Centre

-20 minute warm-up

– 4 x 5k / 2 lap moderate recovery (16:09-(5:00)-16:03-(5:01)-15:43-(4:59)-15:32(4:58)-1 lap in 2:06

-12 minute recovery

(5:00 recovery=5:37/mile)



45 minute jog on turf…slow, right calf sore

40 minute jog on turf…right calf sore


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