Training Week of 2/17–3 weeks until Shamrock Marathon

Another week down and only 3 weeks until the Shamrock Marathon. This week I only got in one marathon specific workout…..a 35k long run on Monday. I had intended to go 40k, but decided to do 35k and push the last 5k to get my body running 5:10/mile when tired. The run beat me up more than I expected and I ended up taking it pretty easy the rest of the week. Today (Tuesday) I have a 5 x 5k workout scheduled, but once again it is snowing….I sure hope it stops and clears by this afternoon!!!



~25 miles total (Valley Centre 715)

-10 minute warm-up

-35k in (1:58:09–5:25/mile average) 17:12-17:02-17:05-17:05-16:55-16:46-15:57

– 15 minute cool-down

(planned on doing 40k, but felt I needed to run 5:10 pace at the end to get used to running at race pace…(could have slowed back down to 17:00/5k and finished out a marathon in 2:22-23)


35 minute jog on treadmill (sore…)



50 minute jog on treadmill



35 minutes on parking lot (due to snow)

35 minutes on hill roads


45 minutes on turf fields

55 minutes on turf fields with 25 x diagonals with 1:00 recovery



90 minutes on treadmill with last 60 minutes at 6:00/mile


60 minutes easy on turf

60 minutes easy on turf


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