Yuengling Shamrock Marathon–What Happened to Me?

Most of you have probably already found out by now, but I ended up dropping out at the 13.5 mile mark of the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon on Sunday.  It definitely was not my day as I was already cramping up all over my body at the 11 mile mark. I believe there are several reasons why it could have happened.

First I want to say thank you and apologize for not living up to what I expected to Ryan and Meg Carroll, Rob Hunter and everyone else at J and A Racing who made coming down to Virginia Beach a possibility for me and my family. Once again your hospitality and support was amazing. I look forward to participating in more J and A races in the future.

Why did the race not go as planned?:

Let me start by saying that 1 month ago I was by far in the best shape of my life. I was completing workouts I have never been able to complete before and really saw myself running somewhere between 2:15 and 2:17.  You can look back at some of my previous blog posts, but I was completing workouts like 4 x 5k in 16:09/16:03/15:43/15:33 with 5:00 recovery at 5:35/mile and a 35k run in 1:58:09 with the last 5k at 5:10/mile. My confidence was high…

A little over a week after the 35k workout I came down with the norovirus. Both of my sons ended up having it and seemed to get better after a couple days. It ended up lasting a lot longer for me and Amanda. I ended up taking 3 days completely off from running and hardly ate a thing for 4 days.  Almost every time I take consecutive days off from running I come down with some type of cold. So, just as I was getting better from the norovirus I came down with a cold. The cold lingered for weeks and I was finally feeling better the week leading up to the marathon. When I say better I mean that I wasn’t sick any more. I was not able to hit one workout from the time I came down with the norovirus until the race. I tried to stay positive through both of the sicknesses as I have heard the stories of athletes having to take a “forced longer taper” and having amazing races.

Either I was not over the chest cold or I happened to be coming down with something else during the race. I woke up with a sore throat and productive cough the day after and have been struggling ever since. In the mean time I am going to let my body heal with slow easy running and spinning before taking another shot at a marathon or half marathon in May or June. I am excited to start back up and do some faster training that I have neglected over the last couple months. 


8 thoughts on “Yuengling Shamrock Marathon–What Happened to Me?

  1. Dan

    Damn. Despite the DNF, your previous records indicate that you’re scary fast. As in, I don’t think I’ve commented on a post written by a faster author. It’s unfortunate that you didn’t have your day at Shamrock, but there will be other races.

  2. Nacho

    Hi Dave,
    I’m sorry about your DNF, but I’m sure it was the right decission.
    I didn’t know anything about your sickness, it was a pitty because as You said You were in a very good shape.
    I’ll follow your blogg and I’ll be attentive to your next marathon preparation.

    1. daveberdan Post author

      Thank you for the comment! It is definititely frustrating to go from the best shape of my life to being sick and not finishing the race!


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