It has been a rough 5-6 weeks for me. If you read my post about the Shamrock marathon you would know that I had a couple different sicknesses leading up to the race. First I had the norovirus and 10 days after that I started to get a chest/sinus cold. I felt like the cold was almost gone the couple of days before the race, but it definitely was not out of my system as I was dehydrated and cramping before the halfway mark in the marathon. I woke up the following morning with my chest/sinus symptoms worse than ever. I kept trying to be patient and see if it would go away on it’s own with easy running, but it kept on sticking around. I ended up giving in and getting antibiotics last Friday and felt remarkably better within 48-72 hours. I guess the virus ended up turning into something bacterial….

I’ve also made some fairly big changes to my diet over the past 2.5 weeks. I have completely cut out sugar and processed carbohydrates. It was nowhere near as hard as I thought it was going to be. I did crave sugar (nothing different though…) over the first 7-10 days, but after 2.5 weeks I can say that I do not crave it at all anymore. I have also been limiting carbohydrates and eating a diet high in “good” fats. I will eat more or less carbohydrates depending on what I have scheduled for training/racing that day. I have been feeling remarkably well on this diet and really believe it is going to help me significantly when it comes to racing the marathon. 

Training has been rough with the sickness, but here is last weeks training:




50 minutes easy on turf



short weight/stability session

50 minutes total

– 12 x :30 hills behind Sams Club



80 minutes on roads/sidewalks (last 15:00 at 6:00/mile)


45 minutes easy on turf (last 10:00 barefoot)



Valley Centre (715 meter Loop)

-15 minute warm-up

-4 x 1 loop with 1:00 recovery at 2:12-13/lap (4:58-5:00/mile)

-6 x :12 hill sprints

-80 meters each uphill: bounding, butt kicks, skipping

-2 x :12 hill sprints

-80 meters each uphill: bounding, butt kicks, skipping

-2 x :12 hill sprints

-10 minute cool-down

short weight/stability session



45 minutes on Hilly Roads



90 minutes on treadmill 60 minutes at 6:00/mile and last 20:00 at 1.5-2.5% grade



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