Training Week of 3/31

I had what I would call a “solid” week of training last week. It was not incredible, but I did get in 2 quality workouts. I was happy to finish my course of antibiotics on Saturday as I feel they were definitely affecting my training….I noticed a huge difference in the workout I was able to complete today.

This Sunday I am going to run the George Washington Parkway Classic 10 Miler. I have done this race once before and really enjoyed the course. It is very scenic and it’s a great place to test my current fitness. I am not expecting anything really incredible on Sunday with the way things have gone the past few weeks, but I am excited to compete and see where I need to progress my training from here…

I have also decided on a late spring marathon! I will make a post dedicated to that later in the week.


50 minutes easy on turf



Valley Centre (flat pavement)

– 15 minute warm-up

– 20 x 200 meters in :34 with :35-:40 recovery jog/walk (100 meters)

– 10 minute cool-down

short weight/stability session


50 minutes on turf fields

45 minutes easy on turf fields (last 10:00 barefoot)


50 minutes easy on turf (last 10:00 barefoot)



Golf Course Road

– 15 minutes warm-up

– 2 x Hill Circuit (2:41/2:36) (:20 running…:15 skipping…:20 running…:15 bounding…:20 running…:15 butt kicks…Running Hard to top of hill…10 x Squat Jumps)

– 10 minutes moderate-hard on golf course

– 2 x Hill Circuit (2:33/2:27)

– 5:00 hard (2:00 recovery)

– 5:00 hard (2:00 recovery)

-2 x :30 HARD on road (1:00 recovery)

– 10 minute cool-down

short weight/stability session


85 minutes easy on trails



50 minutes easy on golf course




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