Next Race Will Be

My next race is going to be one that I have done once before….that was last year. I really enjoyed my time at the event and will be back for years to come. Last year I ran my half marathon PR here and completely surprised myself with how good I felt. I ran 1:05:39.

The race is the Frederick Half Marathon.

Corrigan Sports did a wonderful job with the event and I am excited to go back. It is a great place for the kids to hang out afterwards as well.


4 thoughts on “Next Race Will Be

  1. Mike Simonds

    Dave – Congrats on the race today. I ran Baltimore last year, and you won. I ran Frederick today, and you won. I’m older, and slow but enthusiastic about running these past few years. I will try to follow your races from now on and hope for more great results.
    I see in photos from last year, you were in Puma shoes. I’m pretty sure I saw you in Newtons today. I just got my first pair of Newtons but haven’t run in them yet. Did you race in Newtons today? How much do you subscribe to the benefits of low drop in your running shoes? Thanks, Mike

    1. daveberdan Post author

      Hi Mike! Thanks for the message. How did the race go for you today?

      I did run in Newtons today. I really like them. I am a big believer in the low drop. My calfs took a bit of time to get used to it, but the pay off has been amazing. I notice a significant difference between Newtons and my other shoes. I run faster and with less effort. I believe they are helping me run more efficiently by making my form better.

      1. Mike Simonds

        Thanks for the response. Today was only my 3rd half. Each one has been a new PR so I feel good about my progress. I’ll run the half in Baltimore again this year. I’m considering a full marathon in 2015 as kind of a bucket list thing.

        You had Puma as a sponsor it seems. Is Newton sponsoring you now? I’m a shoe fanatic and feel the urge to try everything. I have Saucony, Merrell, Mizuno, Brooks and Nike shoes … and now a pair of Newtons. Ran in Saucony Virrata today as I haven’t had enough time with the Newtons, and the Merrell strain my calves.

        Are you ranked nationally? Do you run any of the bigger races or internationally? Sorry to have so many questions ….. but I’m interested in your thoughts, advice, and running career.

      2. daveberdan Post author

        Hey Mike, not too many questions. My goal is to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Trials at the Vermont City Marathon in 3 weeks. I have to run under 2:18.
        I did have Puma as a sponsor through the Keyatone Track Club. I tried the Newtons because of how many great things I have heard about the feel and technology behind them. I am not sponsored by them, but would love the opportunity as I really like the shoes.

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