Training Week of 4/14

Here’s my training from last week…nothing crazy, but definitely progressing nicely. The GW Parkway 10 miler made me more sore than I expected. In the long run it is going to be good as I am going to heal and be stronger than before…



Monday 40 minutes spinning on bike (legs sore!) none
Tuesday 55 minutes running (last 10 minutes barefoot) stability/core routine
Wednesday 50 minutes easy on treadmill 40 minutes easy pushing boys in stroller with Amanda
Thursday none 45 minutes easy on turf fields
Friday Golf Course Road Hill Circuits

-15:00 warm-up

– 8 x Hill Circuits with 4:00 recovery jog in 2:35/2:35/2:31/2:29/2:26/2:24/2:23/2:21 (Circuit consists of :20 hard running in between Skipping/Bounding/Butt Kicks/finishing with last 250+ meters hard up hill and ending with 10 x squat jumps)

Saturday none 1:50 minutes total on roads/trails/turf (all over the place…threw in 2 x mile at 5:45 in the middle of the first hour…rest at 6:10-20…then from 1:20-1:45 I did 8 x 1 lap hard/1 lap moderate around the turf (:57-1:15) (comes out to 4:45-50/mile and 6:10-15/mile)
Sunday 52 minutes easy on turf fields (last 12 minutes barefoot) none

Remember the Tree Hugger 5k is on Sunday at Irvine Nature Center…come on out. Great course/cause! Stick around afterwards for Springfest.


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