Training Summary for Week of 4/28

Great week of training. One longer workout, one shorter workout, one set of hill sprints, and a half marathon race. Definitely a dense week training wise. I was happy with every workout and the race. I’ve been feeling stronger every week and getting excited for the Vermont City Marathon in only 3 weeks. 

Today I got a chance to get in and see Nic Ebright for a massage. I have never consistently used massage as a recovery tool before and I really feel like seeing Nic is making a big difference. If you live in the Baltimore area you should definitely take some time to get in and see him. He is based out of Columbia, MD. 

The race was the Frederick Half Marathon and I ended up winning in 1:07. My splits were 5:11-4:55-4:54-5:05-5:54-5:00-5:11-5:05-5:10-5:12-5:18-5:19-5:05. I ended up really getting after it from 1-6 miles. I felt good and it ended up allowing me to break away around the 4-5 mile mark. I was able to really enjoy the atmosphere over the rest of the race. Corrigan Sports did a great job with the event (as they always do) and I will definitely be back in the future. Here are some pictures and articles about the race:

Image  Image 






85 minutes total (first 55 minutes on rolling roads/sidewalks…rest on turf fields with last 15 minutes barefoot…4 x :15 striders over last 6 minutes)




Valley Centre

– 10 minute warm-up

– 24 x 1 lap with :45 recovery..all laps at 2:13-2:10 (last 10 all at 2:10 with last one in 2:05) (The 2:13-2:10 comes out to 5:00—>4:50/mile)

– 10 minute cool-down


55 minutes regeneration on treadmill (8:30–>7:30/mile)



40 minutes total with 12 x :11-:12 all-out hill sprints with 2:00 recovery jog (Sams Club Hill)

short weight/stability session…not time to fit in another run


55 minutes total on turf fields 6:30 down to last 20 minutes at 5:30/mile with last 10:00 barefoot



Fun Time helping out with the last lap event in Baltimore for Marathon Kids

30 minutes plus 5 x :15 striders


Frederick Half Marathon 1:07

Splits: 5:11-4:55-4:54-5:05-5:54-5:00-5:11-5:05-5:10-5:12-5:18-5:19-5:05


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