Training from the week of 5/5

Good week of training under me….recoverd well from the Frederick Half Marathon and had an excellent marathon specific workout on Friday. Less than two weeks to go until the Vermont City Marathon!



Monday 50 minutes easy on treadmill none
Tuesday 42 minutes easy on turf (last 10:00 barefoot) 40 minutes easy (first 20 pushing kids in stroller…second 20 on grass fields)
Wednesday 50 minutes on turf fields with 6 x :15 striders over last 10:00 MASSAGE from Nic Ebright at  Helping me stay healthy and get to the Vermont City Marathon in one piece!
Thursday none none
Friday Valley Centre Loop

– 10 minute warm-up

– 3 x 2 loops with 1:00 recovery (4:23/4:22/4:21)  4:55–>4:53/mile

– 10k in 32:13 (16:10/16:03)

– (3:00 jog)

– 3 x 2 loops with 1:00 recovery

(4:19/4:19/4:18) 4:51–>4:50/mile

– 10k in 31:56 (16:03/15:53)

– 5 minute cool-down

Saturday none 40 minutes easy on turf (last 10:00 barefoot) Left hip/groin/glute/hip flexor off…
Sunday none 65 minutes total on roads/turf…worked from 7:00—>6:00/mile with last 10:00 barefoot

3 thoughts on “Training from the week of 5/5

  1. Brian Rosenberg

    Dave, great job on the blog – and congrats on defending your Frederick title (nice publicity for Keystone!). Excellent marathon workout last Friday – you should be in sub-2:20 shape after that! I also enjoyed reading about your nutrition research, as I’ve done some similar work on my diet over the past few years and have read up on. My schedule is like yours a bit in that I’m doing the majority of my running in the early morning, so as far as refueling, breakfast is key. Lately I’ve been contemplating trying to get away from the processed cereal and oatmeal options in favor of something more natural, but need to make sure I’m getting enough calories, so thinking of shifting more to fat and protein rather than just empty carbs. Maybe something like eggs, almond flour pancakes and breakfast smoothies (fruit, almond milk, chia seed, hemp seed). Do you have some good breakfast options that you typically resort to?

    1. daveberdan Post author

      Brian…sorry I didn’t respond to this earlier. Tough finding time these days….

      I’ve made a lot of changes to my diet. First, I have really limited carbohydrates…especially on easy days. If I have a long workout scheduled for the next morning I will eat some carbs with dinner, but not a ton. Maybe a beer and a sweet potato with whatever vegetable and protein I am eating. I have most longer runs and workouts without eating anything before hand…I believe this along with limiting carbs has made me better at tapping into my fat stores for fuel. I have also been eating a lot more fat. I have coconut oil, fish, avodacos, almonds, olive oil, etc… I’ve done a lot of research on this and change my diet based on the day. If it’s a short easy day I will have some carbs after the run, but not much. Maybe a granola bar or a piece of fruit along with fat/protein. If it’s a long run/workout I’ll drink some Nth Degree (it’s a low glycemic index sports drink, that gives you a steady release of energy/reloading instead of the sugar spike of other drinks) and eat some more carbs like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, fruit, greek yogurt, etc… always with fat and protein. I like the smoothie ideas you mentioned…they sound awesome. I wish I had the patience to make them. I also have been eating a lot of eggs….

      Hope that helps somewhat.



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