Yesterday’s Renato Canova Style Marathon Block Workout

Yesterday I completed my last “big” marathon workout. It was a Canova style marathon block….

These types of workouts consist of a long workout in both the A.M. and P.M. with no carbohydrates ingested in between. . They are a great opportunity to not only get in a large number of miles at marathon pace or faster, but the no carbohydrates in between helps you become more efficient at burning fat as a fuel and causes your body to store more glycogen when you refuel after the second workout. I ended up getting in 29 miles total between the two workouts…details of the workouts are posted below.


Both on Valley Centre Loop (715 meters flat) Pictures below!

Workout #1

– 15 minute warm-up

– 10k in 34:27 (17:21/17:06)

– 5k in 16:02 (planned on doing 10k, but heat/humidity caught up with me..was feeling dehydrated and the effort became way too hard. It was better to pull the plug with another workout on tap for later today)

– 15 minute cool-down

(14 miles total)


Workout #2

– 20 minute warm-up

– 10k in 34:40 (17:32/17:08)

– 5 x 2 laps with 1:00 recovery (4:24-4:22-4:20-4:25-4:24) (4:57–>4:52/mile)

– 10 minute cool-down

(15 miles total)

Pictures of the 715 meter loop at Valley Centre. I started using this workout loop one winter to have an area to work out when it snowed as the sidewalks would never be plowed.


Image     ImageImage     IMAG3622IMAG3618



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