Update: Counting Miles Again….

Most of you know that I had stopped counting weekly mileage. It was too easy to get caught up in the totals and when thre are plenty of times where something comes up and I can not get something in…due to a ton of outside responsibilities. I still believe this may be the right way to go as it is easy to get caught up in weekly totals, but I know people like to see weekly totals.

Anyway…I am going to count again now, but realize I am not in control of missing a day or a second run at any time.

With that being said my last 3 weeks have been:


Next week will be a lower week volume wise, but it will still have two solid workouts (one of which is a Renato Canova Special Block)

Workouts over those past 3 weeks were:

Week 1:

-90 mins moderate (hilly roads)
-12 x 3:00/1:00 easy (1/2 marathon to 15k effort)
-50 minute hard tempo (hilly roads)

Week 2:

-24 x 200 @ :33-:34 with :40 recovery
– 3 x 8:30 hill circuit with :45 running hard alternated with skipping/bounding/high knee-butt kicks/5 x squat jumps

Week 3:

-50 minute hard/hilly tempo (hilly roads)
– 5 x 5:00 HARD (hilly roads) /3:00 recovery

I promise to post some more specific workouts/training in the future. I need to do a better job of keeping track.


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