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Running to Raise Money for Maryland Zoo at Baltimore 10 Miler

My next race is going to be the Baltimore 10 Miler on June 4th. I will be running to raise money for the Maryland Zoo! I am super excited to be raising money for the zoo as my family have been members for years! CareFirst (the new Title Sponsor) will donate $2.00 for every runner who I finish ahead of at the 10 miler to the Zoo. So….the more people that sign up the more possible money that can be raised for the Maryland Zoo! You can use the following promo code to take $10.00 off or your entry: B10ZOO.

I look forward to seeing a number of you at the race on June 4th!


Training Week of 4/7: Great Week of Training and a Solid Race

Great week of training and a solid race…. This past week I upped my mileage and intensity more than it has been in a long time. I ended up getting in two shorter workouts and a 10 mile race at the George Washington Parkway Classic 10 miler. @runpacers put on a great event. It is definitley something I will be back for in the future!

It was a great weekend for the whole family as well. We stayed in Alexandria Saturday afternoon/night and spent the whole day on Sunday visiting the National Mall, specifically the Natural History Museum and the Air and Space Museum. I’ve posted some pictures below….


Image    Image

Image    Image



George Washington Parkway 10 Miler on Sunday

I’m getting excited for the GW Parkway 10 miler on Sunday! I have not raced since my failed attempt at the Shamrock Marathon. I had been sick with what was later found out to be a sinus infection. After over 7 weeks of being sick I was given antibiotics and felt better within 3 days. The 10 day course or antibiotics was completed last Saturday and ever since that day I have been feeling better each day. 

I really have no clue what to expect as this past Monday was the first workout I actually felt “okay” on since Shamrock. The workout consisted of: 4 x 800 at 2:15-17…4 x 400 at 64-65…2 x 200 in 30/29 (all with 2:00 recovery jog). It felt good to run faster as most of my workouts in the previous several months has been long and at half marathon-marathon pace. 

I want to go out there and run smart, give a good effort and be competitive. As of right now it looks like it’s already going to be in the 60s at race time. That is much warmer than I or anyone else is used to…it will definitely affect how the race is run. 

I ran this race back in 2009 and absolutely loved the course. I’m looking forward to being out there again! 

After the race, me, Amanda, and the boys are spending the day in the Alexandria/DC area. I’m not exactly sure what we are doing yet, but we are excited to be spending such a beautiful day there as a family. It sounds like the cherry blossoms are in full bloom as well! 

Pictures and report coming after the race.