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Running to Raise Money for Maryland Zoo at Baltimore 10 Miler

My next race is going to be the Baltimore 10 Miler on June 4th. I will be running to raise money for the Maryland Zoo! I am super excited to be raising money for the zoo as my family have been members for years! CareFirst (the new Title Sponsor) will donate $2.00 for every runner who I finish ahead of at the 10 miler to the Zoo. So….the more people that sign up the more possible money that can be raised for the Maryland Zoo! You can use the following promo code to take $10.00 off or your entry: B10ZOO.

I look forward to seeing a number of you at the race on June 4th!


I’m Alive…Update on Life and Training

I’m alive! I apologize for the delay in updates. It has been a whirlwind since Vermont City with the end of the school year and then starting my new position at Stevenson University. I had not been training much either. I had a scare with my peroneals on my right side and then it switched over to my left. I still have some lingering pain on my left side, but it has been getting better day by day. The promising sign is that it is getting better each day even with me increasing training volume and intensity.

I am going to make a longer post in the near future about my new position at Stevenson University and my journey leading up to this point….

Below is my training from last week and the first part of this week. The two weeks before that were all over the place, but significant workouts included 6 x 1:30 uphill one day and 3 x hill circuits on another. Everything else was just easy running with my peroneal issues.


–          53 minutes on roads/sidewalks


–          55 minutes easy on roads/sidewalks

Wednesday: (Grass Athletic Field at Jemicy School)

–          20 minute warm-up

–          12 laps of athletic field alternating 1 lap hard with 1 lap moderate (hard lap was around 1:20 and moderate around 1:40…I do not know the distance)

–          15 minute cool-down


–          1:22 on hilly roads/sidewalks


–          55 minutes easy on grass


–          20 minute warm-up

–          16 x :30 HARD (3k effort) with :35-:40 recovery on flat section of dirt road (last 2 were run HARD!)


       – OFF (Traveling back from Pocomoke City, MD)


–          1:46 minutes at Soldier’s Delight (25 minutes there and back, but everything else on trails) (1 x :35 HARD over last 2 minutes)


–          30 minute warm-up

–          6 x :12 Hills sprints with 3:00 jog in between

–          12 minute cool-down

Wednesday: (Grass Athletic Field at Jemicy School)

–          22 minute warm-up

–          8 x 3:00 moderateàhard with 1:00 recovery jog (going through each lap around 1:23-25)

–          5:00 jog

–          1 lap Hard in 1:05

–          15 minute cool-down


–          2:15 in Soldier’s Delight (pictures below) (2 x :20 HARD/UPHILL over last 5 minutes)





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Training from the week of 5/5

Good week of training under me….recoverd well from the Frederick Half Marathon and had an excellent marathon specific workout on Friday. Less than two weeks to go until the Vermont City Marathon!



Monday 50 minutes easy on treadmill none
Tuesday 42 minutes easy on turf (last 10:00 barefoot) 40 minutes easy (first 20 pushing kids in stroller…second 20 on grass fields)
Wednesday 50 minutes on turf fields with 6 x :15 striders over last 10:00 MASSAGE from Nic Ebright at nicebrightmassage.com  Helping me stay healthy and get to the Vermont City Marathon in one piece!
Thursday none none
Friday Valley Centre Loop

– 10 minute warm-up

– 3 x 2 loops with 1:00 recovery (4:23/4:22/4:21)  4:55–>4:53/mile

– 10k in 32:13 (16:10/16:03)

– (3:00 jog)

– 3 x 2 loops with 1:00 recovery

(4:19/4:19/4:18) 4:51–>4:50/mile

– 10k in 31:56 (16:03/15:53)

– 5 minute cool-down

Saturday none 40 minutes easy on turf (last 10:00 barefoot) Left hip/groin/glute/hip flexor off…
Sunday none 65 minutes total on roads/turf…worked from 7:00—>6:00/mile with last 10:00 barefoot

Incredible Marathon Specific Workout Today

I’m finally feeling fit again! I had a great marathon specific workout today. I ran it on my flat parking lot loop at Valley Centre. The loop is 715 meters around so it makes it a little tough with figuring out the paces, but I have done enough workouts on that loop to know what the actual mile pace is per loop. I also know that 5k is just short of 7 laps.

Here are a few lap splits with actual per mile paces: 2:35/lap= 5:48/mile, 2:30/lap=5:37/mile, 2:20/lap=5:15/mile, 2:15/lap=5:05/mile, 2:08/lap=4:48/mile. I know this is confusing, but it puts an actual pace to times that may seem irrelevant.


-10 minute warm-up

– 4 laps at (9:17–4:44/4:33)

– 2 laps recovery (5:11)

– 4 laps at (9:14–4:38/4:36)

– 2 laps recovery (5:04)

– 10k at   (32:17——->16:18–>4:42/4:40/4:39/2:17  15:59–>4:35/4:34/4:36/2:14)

– 2 laps recovery (5:10)

– 4 laps at (9:08–4:33/4:35)

– 2 laps recovery (5:06)

– 4 laps at (9:04–4:34/4:30)

– 1 lap recovery at 2:30

– 1 lap hard at 2:08

– 1 lap hard at 2:28

– 1 lap hard at 2:08

– 6 minute cool-down

Combining the hard running along with the moderate recovery you get 30k worth of work at an average pace of 5:17/mile for a total time of 1:38:40.

Great workout and great confidence booster. This is really my first marathon specific workout in a long time and it was a big one!


George Washington Parkway 10 Miler on Sunday

I’m getting excited for the GW Parkway 10 miler on Sunday! I have not raced since my failed attempt at the Shamrock Marathon. I had been sick with what was later found out to be a sinus infection. After over 7 weeks of being sick I was given antibiotics and felt better within 3 days. The 10 day course or antibiotics was completed last Saturday and ever since that day I have been feeling better each day. 

I really have no clue what to expect as this past Monday was the first workout I actually felt “okay” on since Shamrock. The workout consisted of: 4 x 800 at 2:15-17…4 x 400 at 64-65…2 x 200 in 30/29 (all with 2:00 recovery jog). It felt good to run faster as most of my workouts in the previous several months has been long and at half marathon-marathon pace. 

I want to go out there and run smart, give a good effort and be competitive. As of right now it looks like it’s already going to be in the 60s at race time. That is much warmer than I or anyone else is used to…it will definitely affect how the race is run. 

I ran this race back in 2009 and absolutely loved the course. I’m looking forward to being out there again! 

After the race, me, Amanda, and the boys are spending the day in the Alexandria/DC area. I’m not exactly sure what we are doing yet, but we are excited to be spending such a beautiful day there as a family. It sounds like the cherry blossoms are in full bloom as well! 

Pictures and report coming after the race. 


Yuengling Shamrock Marathon–What Happened to Me?

Most of you have probably already found out by now, but I ended up dropping out at the 13.5 mile mark of the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon on Sunday.  It definitely was not my day as I was already cramping up all over my body at the 11 mile mark. I believe there are several reasons why it could have happened.

First I want to say thank you and apologize for not living up to what I expected to Ryan and Meg Carroll, Rob Hunter and everyone else at J and A Racing who made coming down to Virginia Beach a possibility for me and my family. Once again your hospitality and support was amazing. I look forward to participating in more J and A races in the future.

Why did the race not go as planned?:

Let me start by saying that 1 month ago I was by far in the best shape of my life. I was completing workouts I have never been able to complete before and really saw myself running somewhere between 2:15 and 2:17.  You can look back at some of my previous blog posts, but I was completing workouts like 4 x 5k in 16:09/16:03/15:43/15:33 with 5:00 recovery at 5:35/mile and a 35k run in 1:58:09 with the last 5k at 5:10/mile. My confidence was high…

A little over a week after the 35k workout I came down with the norovirus. Both of my sons ended up having it and seemed to get better after a couple days. It ended up lasting a lot longer for me and Amanda. I ended up taking 3 days completely off from running and hardly ate a thing for 4 days.  Almost every time I take consecutive days off from running I come down with some type of cold. So, just as I was getting better from the norovirus I came down with a cold. The cold lingered for weeks and I was finally feeling better the week leading up to the marathon. When I say better I mean that I wasn’t sick any more. I was not able to hit one workout from the time I came down with the norovirus until the race. I tried to stay positive through both of the sicknesses as I have heard the stories of athletes having to take a “forced longer taper” and having amazing races.

Either I was not over the chest cold or I happened to be coming down with something else during the race. I woke up with a sore throat and productive cough the day after and have been struggling ever since. In the mean time I am going to let my body heal with slow easy running and spinning before taking another shot at a marathon or half marathon in May or June. I am excited to start back up and do some faster training that I have neglected over the last couple months. 

Training Week of 2/17–3 weeks until Shamrock Marathon

Another week down and only 3 weeks until the Shamrock Marathon. This week I only got in one marathon specific workout…..a 35k long run on Monday. I had intended to go 40k, but decided to do 35k and push the last 5k to get my body running 5:10/mile when tired. The run beat me up more than I expected and I ended up taking it pretty easy the rest of the week. Today (Tuesday) I have a 5 x 5k workout scheduled, but once again it is snowing….I sure hope it stops and clears by this afternoon!!!



~25 miles total (Valley Centre 715)

-10 minute warm-up

-35k in (1:58:09–5:25/mile average) 17:12-17:02-17:05-17:05-16:55-16:46-15:57

– 15 minute cool-down

(planned on doing 40k, but felt I needed to run 5:10 pace at the end to get used to running at race pace…(could have slowed back down to 17:00/5k and finished out a marathon in 2:22-23)


35 minute jog on treadmill (sore…)



50 minute jog on treadmill



35 minutes on parking lot (due to snow)

35 minutes on hill roads


45 minutes on turf fields

55 minutes on turf fields with 25 x diagonals with 1:00 recovery



90 minutes on treadmill with last 60 minutes at 6:00/mile


60 minutes easy on turf

60 minutes easy on turf