4:03.09 Road Mile!

Last night I ran a 4:03.09 road mile at the Main Street Mile in Westminster, MD. I have never run a road mile before and thought it would be fun to run one. Yes, the course is net downhill and fast. I ended up getting second to Ed Aramayo who ran 4:00.07 (agonizingly close to breaking 4:00).

I don’t know how accurate these splits are, but I think I heard :59 and 1:59 for 400 and 800. The first 400 and last 400 are downhill…

I’m happy with the result as I have not run a race this short in a long time and have really only thrown in a few 200s over the past 2 weeks. Heck, my last race was a marathon! I wish I could run the race again next week…I know I would go faster. Back in my college days my first 1500 of a season was always 4-6 seconds slower than I would run in the next 2-3 weeks. That first shorter race is always a good “rust buster”.

With that being said….now it’s time to get back to marathon training. The Pocono Marathon is coming up fast.


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